During the COVID19, countless traditional retail businesses had to transform their operations. To ease their cash flow pressures, many companies had to cut their marketing budgets. However, without marketing and promotions, ensuring the continuity of your business is virtually impossible. Acquiring new customers becomes a huge challenge unless you invest in marketing tools.

Thankfully, vaccination rates are increasing. Leaders of community shops, local gyms, nail salons, car repair centers are gearing up to resume their businesses. However, returning to normalcy is going to be expensive. That’s why cost-effective marketing tools like custom-printed flags are so popular. The more unique your marketing flags, the more attention they attract to your stores.

What are Custom Marketing Flags?

Custom marketing flags are low-cost promotional tools. You can see them in shopping malls, outside restaurants, inside stadiums, and other business locations. Many companies use these flags as indoor and outdoor displays to attract customers. A well-designed triangle flag can instantly make your store more appealing to customers. 

Here are four ways these uniquely shaped flags help storeowners –

Announce Business Upgrades

Many small business owners are reopening their companies with new plans. Some are reorganizing their departments, others developing new menus, etc. The best way to announce these organizational changes is via custom flags. Use small but eye-catching flags to announce business operations such as –

  • We are now open
  • We’re now offering major discounts
  • Business hours
  • Announcements regarding discounts on new products, services, etc.

Many businesses are accelerating the process of informing their customers about new offers, business upgrades, etc., via custom-printed marketing flags.

Countless Placement Options

Custom marketing flags are weather-resistant, easy to move and install. Business owners can install them outside restaurants, on yards, next to public swimming pools, and various other spots. The promotional information on these flags is very easy to read and register. Plus, these durable flags can withstand all types of weather-related damages. 

These flags endure it all – from intense exposure to sunlight to heavy winds and rain! Here are some ways savvy business owners use their custom triangle flags:

  • They install custom flags featuring the message “We Are Open” in storefronts, parking lot entrances, etc.
  • Many business owners place these flags outside their store’s entrance points to notify potential customers that everything is normal.
  • Some business owners install flags on the roofs of their stores to attract as many eyes as possible.

Inform Potential Customers about Safety 

Business owners also use flag banners to inform customers about their stores’ safety status. They use the signs to inform people that their facilities are clean and disinfected. Some store owners even post COVID-19 safety guidelines on their custom flags just to ensure their customers’ safety.

Drive Foot Traffic

Lastly and most importantly, custom flags help draw in customers. That’s the number one reason why these flags are in high demand. Business owners desperately need low-cost marketing tools. Eye-catching custom flags offer them the perfect solution! By placing these flags at strategic locations, business owners are regaining the trust of their target customers.


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