eResource Scheduler, a cloud-based resource management tool that is highly configurable, helps improve organization efficiency with real-time resource visibility, effective scheduling, effective resource mapping, managing timesheets, and flexible integration. eResource Scheduler has been leading with easily configurable resource management software since 2010.

If you are looking for the best resource management software, we are assuming that you have recognized the importance of resource management and want to seal the deal with the right tool. Resource management is all about planning, monitoring, and utilizing resources to optimize work and meet deadlines. 

Resource management tools are like secret weapons for project managers. With the help of these tools, project managers can select the right resource for the right tasks, ensure capacity management for each project, and plan future projects with precision. These tools can help eliminate errors, complete tasks easily, and, most importantly, generate accurate reports. Ultimately, resource management software is a helpful tool that benefits many businesses.

What is the significance of resource management tools?

Resource management tools offer benefits to the organization by overseeing the organizations day-to-day responsibilities. More importantly, these tools increase employee efficiency. With the right tool or software, you can eliminate some of the mundane tasks. This automation is popular and a lot of these tools make good use of it. 

Ideally, resource management software allows you to use your resources at their full potential without stressing your team. Resource management software is helpful to have secure timesheets for payroll and calendars to check available hours when assignments are made.

5 effective tools to run a business

There are five effective tools that stand out when it comes to helping manage business processes and delivering great features that prove “value for money.”

  • Timesheet Software

Only some resource management tools have a timesheet, which means you need to invest in another software or manually fill in the data. eResource Scheduler has a secure timesheet with easy integration. eRS is one of the best time-tracking apps that helps you update employees’ hours automatically.  With eRS, you can view multiple projects and the time spent by every single employee on a project, eRS timesheet app comes with multiple options to fill the timesheet, easy color code identification of approved, rejected, and submitted entries, easily configurable automated and manual approvals, and flexible permissions that make the timesheet software apt for all types and sizes of organizations, actual time tracking report of multiple projects and employees, detailed information on planned actions and actual action. 

  • Resource Scheduling

Scheduling is one of the most critical tasks in any organization. With the right resource scheduling, there is a high chance of successful project completion within the planned time. Scheduling resources according to their skills, qualifications, and experience is a tough row to hoe, but with eResource Scheduler Software, scheduling has become easy and fun. Convenient and easy Gantt charts allow for quick viewing of existing schedules; eRS comprehensive filters make it simple to identify qualified resources; scheduling charts display resource availability that is updated in real-time, and eResource Scheduler software makes it simple to schedule resources with easy drag-and-drop features; an overload indicator aids in reassigning projects based on project demand; and the flexibility to schedule resources based on day, month, and hour is the most important feature.

  • Management Reports

With actual reports and real-time data, it gets easier for any organization to take an informed decision. With eResource Scheduler, you can have actionable insight along with configurable reporting. With easy data configuration, it gets easier to take decisions. Increasing and decreasing graphs can show the profit and loss along with successful or failed resource utilization. Using color-coded heat maps, you can easily verify over and underutilized resources with eRS software. An availability report is used to measure resource capacity from the existing assignments, financial reports use rates, and scheduling data to calculate the cost, revenue, and profit, and data collected from the timesheet report shows the actual efforts invested by resources on different projects and tasks. Along with the timesheet module, eRS resource planning software has the unique capability of showing the planned vs. actual data, which further helps to identify the gaps and leakages.

  • Financial 

Regular profits are too important for any organization to sustain for very long. It is equally important to plan the project budget early on and to plan for reserves if necessary during execution. Also, it is equally important to understand your bottom line for survival. With the eRS financial module, you can define the cost, billing rate, revenue, and profit reports of multiple projects. eRS software helps you define the per-hour rate of employees and projects. Custom billing and rate options can be selected based on contractual requirements or other unique scenarios. Financial reports are helpful to understand the numbers, for example, the planned cost of the project vs. actual costs, as it helps to know the revenue and profits at the different levels. With eResource Scheduler, you can choose the various currency options to ensure all numbers are in your preferred currency.

  • Configurable working calendars

Human resources are the most critical resource. You need to make sure that they are working efficiently with the right workload. The eResource Scheduler Management tool shows you how many tasks are assigned to each team member. eRS’s multiple custom working calendars accommodate the various working patterns of different resources; this is ideal for organizations that have resources working across multiple countries and locations. eResource Scheduler Calendar module allows the accurate calculation of resource capacity, utilization, and availability.

There are multiple features that distinguish eResource Scheduler from the rest of the resource management software. With eRS, you receive real-time data, which explains each of the five must-have resource management features and many others. Timesheets, financials, resource scheduling, management reports, and configurable working calendars come with real-time data, which gives you better visibility to make smart decisions and plan projects with confidence. To choose the best, start with the eResource Scheduler which comes with a 14-day free trial plan, and see the difference.


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