Bamboo is used for a long time in many different cultures for many purposes because it grows rapidly and is durable when used to construct structures and furniture. Additionally, it was generally less expensive than other types of wood, as it is easily accessible and an eco green alternative. It is utilized for a variety of items which people wouldn’t even think are actually bamboo , given the current capabilities for processing.


After being made into a cloth it can be used for the creation of any garment and a variety of household items, too. Bamboo is a soft fabric that lets the wearer feel cool in summer, and warm in the winter months. It is usually allergy-safe and will not cause irritation to sensitive skin. It’s becoming a popular fabric to use for Yoga and other fitness clothing, including pajamas socks, underwear, and pajamas.


The standard nylon and plastic toothbrush is not eco-friendly and is prone to accumulating in the landfill with regular replacements. Additionally the bristles are rough on teeth and wear out quickly, which makes them not the ideal option to maintain oral health. Bamboo toothbrushes are entirely made from bamboo. They remove the build-up from teeth. They will not cause damage to the environment after their removal, and are made with eco-friendly materials that replenishes rapidly.


Bamboo flooring is versatile. It can be stained with a variety of colors and is very durable. It will last for a long time when properly maintained and offers an incredibly comfortable surface for walking that is stylish and environmentally sustainable. Although it is somewhat difficult to locate and might require a modification to your budget however, it is a durable flooring that can last in any house.

Pillows & Sheets

A soft and supportive sheets and pillow can enhance sleep quality and the quantity your sleep and can also help prevent muscles and neck pain. There are A World of Bamboo sheets in Australia that make use of bamboo for the production of pillows and sheets with the ability to breathe, allowing airflow to the pillow which keeps the pillow cool and fresh through the night. Breathability can also help reduce the amount of bacteria that are present, and keeps the pillow clean and healthy longer than conventional foam pillows. It is also able to be adjusted to meet your sleep requirements and can aid in easing the neck without causing stiff neck. If you’re a fan of bamboo pillow, you can even get mattresses that are made entirely of bamboo.

Toilet Paper

To create sustainable products and reduce the environmental impact by replacing products that are commonly used by eco-friendly alternatives can make huge differences. For instance using bamboo as toilet paper will require less trees to cut, which can help protect forests. Furthermore, because bamboo is growing so fast after it is cut it won’t be removed at the same rate that the traditional wooden products can create. Additionally, it is smooth and soft on skin, making it suitable for toilet paper and paper towels.


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