This article will provide you with the insights and most up to date vaping tips. As vaping has become a growing lifestyle choice these tips aim to make your vaping the best it can be and based on as much research and information as possible.

Keep it clean

Cleaning the vaporizer has to be a major part of your maintenance if you want a quality vaping experience. Clean the coils, mouthpiece and the external part of the vape, and then there is an additional important aspect to clean, which is the vape tank. This is after all where the product and flavor are stored and as such it should be as clean as possible. No one wants a mix of flavors that just don’t go together and nor do you want any leftover vape juice from a previous vape session. Use as natural methods as possible for cleaning your vaporizer and make it a regular procedure.

Find the right place to purchase your supplies

The proliferation of vaping supply stores and the growth of cowboy sellers has to be one of the key reasons to find a wholesale vaping supply that is professional and reliable. Allowing you to buy in bulk, but also at the best prices that you can get. Look to see who else they sell to and ensure that you do as much research as possible about their products and service to be able to shop in confidence.

Pay attention to your vape batteries

The vape won’t work without the batteries and as such either keep it well charged, but also look after the battery life to ensure that you can vape whenever you want to. Vapes are getting smaller and smarter so ensure that the battery life and strength is one of the main questions of clarity you ask before you buy. Then once you have a vaporizer with good battery life, make sure that you’ve checked it before you head out or want to vape. Always have a replacement or spare just in case.

Change the flavors

Again, its related to where you get your vaping supplies, but the aim is to have as wide a variety of vaping flavor’s that you can. It keeps it interesting and ensures that you don’t have the monotony of the same flavor all the time. There are some interesting mixes as well as synthetic and natural nicotine now available and some incredibly refreshing vape flavors, be adventurous and willing to try new flavors and strengths, but always from a reputable supplier.

Know your ratios

It’s essential to get the best e-liquid ratio to heighten the pleasure and enjoyment of the vape. The ratio will generally be 50:50 but depending on the coil size, tank and atomizer you may want to adjust the e-liquid ratios for a bespoke vape experience. Do your reading, ask around and establish the best ratios for the exact experience you’re looking for.

These simple tips will allow you to make the most of your vaping experience and the insights will ensure that you are as informed as you need to be when it comes to the vape lifestyle.


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