Natural Light

Many modern homes, especially in busy city areas, are built with minimal space, so sunlight isn’t exactly the first thing they have in mind.

Artificial light is no match for natural light. Not only does it light up your room better, but it also increases your body’s serotonin levels, making you feel good.

Most people aren’t capable of relocating to a sunnier location, so the next best thing is renovations. Here are a few remodeling projects you can do to bring more natural light into your home. 

Light Colors Reflect Sunlight Better

Although colorful wall paints might look appealing to you at first, you’ll soon realize they give your room a gloomy and dark appearance. Instead of dark block colors, use soft shade colors that reflect natural light to your room instead of dark colors that absorb it. 

White tones aren’t the ideal option when considering light-colored paints because they can make a space feel cold and boring. Alternatively, an off-white shade provides a much warmer effect. Another popular trick is to paint the ceiling a couple of shades lighter to create an illusion of more space.

For a professional finish, you should opt for gloss over matte paint.

Install Larger Windows in the Property

Many modern houses don’t have enough windows to let in adequate sunlight and give you the fresh air you need. Recent advances in window manufacturing allow for minimal framework so you can have more exposed glass. 

You can also replace your solid exterior door with a patio door to instantly make any room into a sunroom. 

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can install window tinting. It keeps the harsh glare and heat from the sun out and maintains your privacy.

Add Skylights to Your Ceiling

Fixed skylights are often called roof windows because they allow as much glazing area as a medium-sized window does and are installed onto the ceiling, facing upward.

Skylights provide more consistent sunlight than windows as they are less likely to get blocked by outdoor objects. If you don’t have enough space for a skylight, then you should consider something like a Solatube. 

Choose the Right Flooring

While most people may not realize it, flooring can also significantly impact how much sunlight is reflected inside your home. Polished flooring materials like wood, laminate, stone, and ceramic can transform your boring old floors into light-friendly reflectors.

If you prefer using a carpet, light or neutral colors should suffice. 

Don’t Forget About Your Exterior

If your house has a front yard, you should pay more attention to it if you want to increase natural light inside. Anything you do in the interior won’t help if the light is being blocked from outside your home.

Trimming bushes, trees, or large plants growing around your windows and doors will greatly impact the light levels inside your home. Also, clean your windows from the outside, where dirt and junk can often collect.

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