Before 2017, DC characters female were often grouped alongside males in team-up movies. Strong female comic book characters have existed for decades and are finally gaining recognition.

With Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel popularizing female superheroes, the following decades will witness more standalone female-led blockbusters. DC has introduced more formidable female superheroes and villains than Marvel, thus it’s worth highlighting the strongest female DC characters.

#1. The 7 Best DC Characters Female Of All Time

Big Barda

Because of her divine origins, she possesses incredible strength, enough to lift hundreds of tons with a wave of her hand. She can hold her own in a fight because of her extensive training as a warrior, and her Apokoliptian-made armor makes it extremely difficult for anybody to harm her. Additionally, she has a built-in defense mechanism that neutralizes most synthetic toxins.


Supergirl, sometimes referred to as “Superman’s little cousin,” is just as formidable as her famous ancestor because she possesses all of his abilities. The yellow sun bestows upon her superhuman strength, speed, and endurance on par with those of Superman. Her speed isn’t quite as lightning-quick as The Flash’s, but it’s still more than enough to kill off most foes.

She is not completely immune to the effects of Kryptonite, but she can utilize her wits to protect herself. To accomplish this, she makes use of her ice breath, heat vision, and other abilities that allow her to deal with damage from great distances.


All the standard superhuman abilities (invulnerability, indestructibility, and speed) are hers. Magic resistance, however, is what sets Hawkgirl apart from other heroes. As a result of this ability, Hawkgirl stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Even against someone as tremendously powerful as Doctor Fate, she was able to defend herself with her mace (made of Nth metal). This not only makes Hawkgirl an extremely formidable opponent but also a figure to be feared by any character whose powers rely on magic. Additionally, she has the ability to quickly fly and enhance the strength of her mace with her superhuman strength.


Daughter of a demonic creature, Raven makes good use of her supernatural gifts, which include astral projection, fear induction, and dark energy. Through the power of her soul, she can disengage from her body and teleport to faraway places or become a shapeless phantom.

When Raven absorbs the pain of others, she finds a way to cure herself and everyone around her. When she assumes the form of a soul, she has the power to manipulate a person’s thoughts and drive them to the depths of despair. Raven can cause her opponents agony in addition to terror, thus she doesn’t even have to touch them.


Power Girl is essentially Supergirl on steroids; she possesses all the abilities of her more famous predecessor but to a much greater degree. Since she comes from a different timeline, she is immune to Kryptonite’s weakness.

Since she has no known weaknesses (apart from possibly magic), she can eliminate threats without worrying about reprisal. Power Girl has always come out on top in her battles against Supergirl. Power Girl, unlike Supergirl or Superman, sometimes possesses telekinetic abilities.


Starfire is the most powerful of the Teen Titans, although she is often underestimated because of her sweet demeanor. Because of how her body is constructed, not only is radiation ineffective as a weapon against her, but she is also able to continuously absorb it. This grants her limitless access to vitality.

She can go across the galaxy in a matter of seconds, thanks to her incredible speed. When you factor in Starfire’s incredible strength, she’s a formidable opponent in just about any situation. Starfire’s wrath episodes cause her to unleash tremendous amounts of energy, enough to destroy multiple cities. Lack of food, sleep, or drink cannot weaken her because her body generates its own energy. Additionally, you can see the rank of the 5 best DC characters here (both male and female)

Wonder Woman

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is the best DC female superhero ever conceived. Her legacy is such that she stands on an even footing as far as cultural effect is considered. Power-wise, she still outshines every other female superhero, not because of any special qualities she possesses but rather because of her unwavering resolve. Wonder Woman is unstoppable; she will fight until the end, even if it means facing off against more powerful foes like Darkseid.

With her lasso of truth, she can trap her adversaries forever and coerce them into spilling their guts. Her strength is on par with that of Superman, and she has even bested him on multiple occasions. Her proficiency in melee combat is unparalleled, and as a fighter, she is well-versed in all forms of conflict.

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