Choosing the perfect name for your company is one of the most time-consuming as well as challenging tasks of branding, rebranding, and launching a new business. The business name is something that customers will go through first. Therefore, you need to ensure the first interaction of the customers with the company name is great. This way they will be able to recall the products and services of your company upon coming across the business name. Not to mention, they will also talk with their family members and friends regarding the business which will boost word-of-mouth marketing. The business name you’re choosing should neither be too long nor too hard to spell. You need to choose something eye-catching, short, memorable, and capable of showcasing the vision and goals of your company. However, creating the perfect company name might seem a challenging task. 

But if you manage to answer some important questions, the company naming process will become less daunting. Here are some questions to ask while choosing the company name. 

What the Name Needs to Accomplish for the Company?

When you choose the perfect company name by using the company name generator tool, it will separate your brand from the competitors while also showcasing the positive image of the company. Before you start choosing the names for your company, make sure you evaluate the brand positioning thoroughly. You also need to be careful while picking the names so that you can avoid choosing names that will limit the sales as well as the future growth of the company. Make sure you choose something that will stay with your company forever without causing any issues. 

What the Employees Will Feel After Hearing the Name?

You need to embrace different types of emotions during the naming process of your company. This is why you need to discuss with your close friends or teams and ask their opinion about the name you have chosen for your company. When they provide different types of opinions, make sure you compare their responses with how you want the customers as well as the employees to feel after they hear the name. You also need to consider the effectiveness of brand positioning behind the naming process of the company, especially from the POV of the employees as they will be the ones who will help you grow your company. As per Small Business, you can expand your company by hiring employees. Their input is extremely valuable and their insights might also help you with the naming process. 

What Words Would Describe Your Company’s Tone?

The tone you set for your company will either make or break the marketing capabilities. Depending on the products and services you offer, as well as the demographic and brand image of the company, you need to pay close attention to the tone of your business while choosing the perfect name. 

When you consider the brand voice, you will be able to choose words that will describe your company and the brand perfectly. These words will prove effective during the naming process. 

Is the Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell?

This is one of the most important questions you need to remember while naming your company. This point might seem like an old one, but many business owners still make mistakes while naming their company. They either choose names that are too long or too problematic to spell or pronounce. If you choose company names that are too hard to spell or pronounce, you won’t be able to make a first positive impression. This is why you need to be alert. If the name sounds complicated, you should choose something different from your company. Make sure your customers can spell the name exactly as it sounds or you will end up correcting it all the time. 

Are There Any Specific Words to Include or Avoid?

Are there specific words relevant to your brand that you should include while naming your company? If so, you need to determine whether they will prove effective. Remember that many words are considered taboo in some specific industries. You should never use these words while naming your business. Apart from any cuss words, you should not include words to your business names that are associated with politics. Even if you want to incorporate them, keep in mind that the primary objective of the business names is to capture the attention of the customers, not to draw them away. This is why you should be careful when including some specific words in your business names.

Why This Company Is Essential to Your Personality 

Make sure you conduct some thorough research so that you can know what motivated you first to launch this business. Is there any specific incident or memory that gave you this business idea? What are your objectives as the business owner? Make sure you answer these questions so that you can choose the perfect name for your business that will also tell a story to the clients and customers. Make sure you also find business names with concise and clear meaning to enhance the interest of the customers. 

Do You Need to Trademark the Name?

Make sure you conduct thorough research so that you can understand the market of the businesses that already exist, especially in your specific niche industry. Even if you choose a great and eye-catching name, it will end up becoming worthless if another business is already using it. This is why you need to run different types of free resources that will help you determine whether the name is already taken by any business or not. You should also avoid choosing similar names or duplicate names. After you’re done choosing a perfect business name, make sure you discuss with your lawyers to know if you should trademark your chosen business name. 


These are the important questions you should ask while naming your company. Don’t forget to contact us if you want to know more. 


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