The large population of the world is on medication. People take medicine due to physical or mental health issues that ensure health stability and help them perform daily tasks efficiently.

Aging is also one of the major factors why people have to rely on medication. But at the same time, it is also equally important to know about your prescription.

You must ask everything to your doctor to better understand your medication. It helps you find out whether there are any side effects of the medication that you are taking or not.

Consulting a doctor also helps you clearly understand the instructions related to prescribed medicine. It ensures that you are taking the right medication dose at the right time. Therefore, it is important to discuss everything with your doctor before you start taking medicine.

Without further ado, let’s find out what you should know about your prescribed medicine.

  1. Have a Clear Understanding of your Medications

Knowing about your medication is a must that helps you know why you are taking it and how it can heal you. As mentioned above, knowing about medication helps you know about its possible side effects and the dose you need to take.

Whenever a doctor prescribes a new medicine, you should ask for the above-mentioned information. The information related to medicine can vary according to your medical condition. For example, if you are dealing with severe depression and the doctor has prescribed ketamine (a recreational drug), then ask if it is safe to use or not.

On the other hand, if you visit a ketamine depression clinic due to mood disorders, then ask your provider which type of ketamine can help you recover. Actually, ketamine is medically used for anesthesia and is known as a dissociative anesthetic. It is also used for depression therapy, so you must ask your doctor to provide you with relevant details about ketamine.

  • Know about your Medical Condition

You must know about your medical conditions and allergies before starting a new medication. It is crucial to share this information with your physician. If you are keeping this information to yourself, then it can affect your care and overall health.

It can cause side effects if you are not letting your doctor know about your doctor, which can increase health complications. Sharing your medical condition with a doctor can help you take the right measures.

  • Ask Questions if New Medicine is Prescribed

Whenever a physician prescribes you a new medicine, you need to ensure that you understand why you have to take that medication. It is better to also ask the pharmacist if you have any queries or concerns.

Before starting a new medication, you must also know how long you have to take it. Also, if you are already taking other medications, then ask your pharmacist or provider if it is fine to start taking new ones.

  • Follow the Instructions

Paying attention to the instructions of a prescribed medicine is crucial. You can also read the pamphlet to get a clear idea about the instructions. Some medications usually have warning labels. It helps you know whether you should take medicine with food or avoid lifting heavy things after taking it.

It is also advisable to talk to a doctor before taking any medicines. For example, do not take painkillers yourself if you are having pain in your muscles. It is always better to consult the prescriber as they know how to use particular medications properly. They can guide you better on which is the correct dose for a specific medication or whether you should take it or not.

You may also ask your provider for printouts that contain useful information about prescription medications. You can find valuable insights related to patient counseling that all patients must know when they are on some kind of medication. It will make a valuable addition to your knowledge, so you will know the dos and don’ts of taking prescribed medication.

  • Know How you Have to Take Your Dose

It is crucial for all patients to know that taking medication with food or without food can make a huge difference. Therefore, you need to know how to take your dose, so it can work effectively.

Some medications are not effective on an empty stomach, while others should not be taken with food. Therefore, you should ask your physician how you have to take your medication. Usually, it is better to take medicines with food because it helps to avoid an upset stomach. Also, it can improve adherence, but it is suggested to follow the advice of a doctor.

  • Understand The Side Effects

As already mentioned above, you must know whether there are side effects of the medication that you are using or not. Once you start a new medication, get in touch with your prescriber to understand the side effects of your medicine.

You should also monitor your body after taking medicine to see how it reacts. If you feel any unusual thing after taking medication, you should inform the doctor right away. Some side effects are caused due to the higher dose of medicine. In such cases, reducing the dose of medication can help to prevent side effects. The bottom line is that you have to be vigilant about the side effects of your medication. It can help you take the right steps for the treatment.

  • Value your Pharmacist

Most patients do not give value to pharmacists, which is not the right approach. In the pharmacy, the cashier mostly asks, “do you have any questions.” It is the time when you should ask the pharmacist anything related to medication to clear your confusion.

Pharmacists are medical experts who have in-depth knowledge about medication, so they can provide you with better guidance. You should consider them as a great resource for all your queries. It can help you take the medication in the right way, so you can void complications.


Taking prescribed medicine is the first step toward recovery for every patient. But for recovery, you also have to ensure that you are taking the medication in the right way. Therefore, you have to focus on different factors. From understanding the side effects of medicine to understanding its purpose, you should know about everything that can ensure that you are consuming medication properly.


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