Everyone knows that they prefer to watch videos rather than read a long blog post (I am sure I could have written this as a video–maybe someday). 59% of executives claim that they prefer to go to a movie rather than read text. This is a large number of people. This implies that video SEO has many advantages: more time spent watching, brand recognition, and more leads and sales.

8 easy YouTube SEO tricks to get higher rankings in the search results

It is possible to combine your video and SEO strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing in a relatively straightforward way. It will not only increase your time spent watching videos and grow your audience’s attention and assist you later on by utilizing things like YouTube Remarketing. Below are the steps you can take to enhance your YouTube SEO to get more visitors in addition to videos views.

1. Select your keywords with care

SERPs are becoming more competitive with each passing month. New competition, new products, brand new services–all are fighting to be the first. Therefore, the need to find ways to diversify your product offerings is vital. Conduct your research on keywords; unless you can compete with popular terms, choose terms that will bring your business more traffic; however, they are not as competitive.

You can also use the same tools for keyword research you’d use for PPC and SEO, like

  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool for free
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Moz or Semrush.
  • Google search suggestion people ask questions about other related search terms, much more!

2. Include keywords in your title for your video

Understanding the purpose of searching for your target audience is the initial step. We’re aware that the most prevalent types of search intentions are commercial, informational, navigational, and transactional. Therefore, ensuring that you match the content of your video with the purpose of your customers is crucial to making your content appear in the results of searches.

Also, ensure that you know why you wish to create a YouTube video and who your primary viewers are. For instance, if, for example, you want to show the results of a critique of the product, make sure you include the name of the product in the description and title of the video. It’s straightforward. However, numerous YouTube channels don’t take this step, and their videos are not ranked well on Google and YouTube results for searches.

3. Include the wording in the video file

Simple enough. However, YouTube might make this one of their rankings factors in showing your video on the results of searches. If the name of the file you upload has the keyword you want to target in the name, your video is likely to have a greater chance of being featured in search results and an increased likelihood of getting more significant search traffic.

4. Optimize your YouTube video description

One of the primary factors that determine your ranking for YouTube SEO is ensuring that you have a well-written optimized description of your video. If you alter or update any YouTube video component–which includes subtitles, video descriptions, closed captions, and thumbnails for videos–YouTube is going to reevaluate your video. This could be beneficial or not. Therefore, it’s essential to do it perfectly the first go!

YouTube suggests you use the most important keywords at the beginning of your description. They also indicate that your report should not be more than 200 characters. Broadly speaking–make your helpful description. If it isn’t beneficial to the user, then delete it.

5. Make use of hashtags for videos to drive YouTube search results. hashtags to increase YouTube search results

On platforms like social media, hashtags (in social media, hashtags (#) are utilized to assist users in finding content that can answer their questions across multiple platforms. It is possible to use similar hashtags (hashtags) in your video description to aid viewers in finding your video when searching for a particular hashtag.

Keywords are specifically designed to drive searches as they make important trends more apparent. When you’ve added the hashtag to the description of your video, the hashtag will appear above the title of your video, and it will then be hyperlinked.

6. Choose a video category

People looking for a specific video using sophisticated options can choose the search option to display videos in particular categories. If you upload your video, make sure to contextualize your video in categories to give you a greater chance of being noticed by users.

YouTube offers a wide range of categories to choose from. Therefore, you will be able to locate an appropriate type for the content of your YouTube videos. You can select the category option when making your upload.

7. Modify your thumbnail image

Thumbnails can either help or hinder the quality of your YouTube videos. They’re the first thing that catches viewers’ attention when they view YouTube results. A well-designed thumbnail can increase the time spent watching, which could affect YouTube rankings. Find a way to grab people’s interest and makes a statement to ensure you can ensure that your video is noticed.

8. Subtitles and closed captions can be added.

Utilizing closed captions and subtitles is the last tip to ensure the best results on a YouTube search.

Video subtitles are created to relay video dialogue to viewers who don’t understand the language of the video. Closed captions are designed for viewers who cannot be able to hear the audio.

Both closed-caption and subtitle files include the words spoken in the video like a transcript. The file also contains timestamps for the times that each text line will be shown in the video, which means it can be compatible with spoken words or another visual component.


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