Gambling superstitions have existed for as long as gambling itself. Gamblers in have strange habits they think will help them in the long run, like wearing a lucky shirt or red underwear to the casino or only betting on slots.

Superstitions about gambling and casinos are just as crazy as putting all your money on 36 Red and crossing your fingers. Here are a few ways players can change their habits to make them lucky or unlucky.

Casino Superstitions

First, let’s talk about some gambling beliefs that are thought bad luck. Not everyone in the world shares all of these beliefs, and local culture can play a big role. Do you ever worry that your hands are too itchy? Another popular belief is that the color red is a lucky color, which is why many players wear red clothing or even underwear while gambling. And did you know that some players refuse to touch or even walk past a person on their way to the casino floor who is leaving with their winnings?

While these superstitions may not have any real effect on your chances of winning, they can certainly add to the fun and excitement of gambling. And if you’re looking for a trustworthy platform to enjoy a variety of casino games, you can try Mostbet Turkey, which offers a safe and reliable online casino experience.

1. 13 and 4 are bad luck

In every country in the world, some numbers are considered bad luck. In Western culture, Friday the 13th is thought to be a day of bad luck and death. Some airlines don’t have a 13th row on their planes, and many buildings don’t have a 13th floor.

On the casino floor, the number 13 is considered bad luck. People will avoid roulette and put their chips on 14 or 15 instead.

So, what’s the big deal with the number 4? The word for “four” in Mandarin is “Si,” which sounds like the word for “death,” “Siwang.” The number 4 is thought to be bad luck. Some office buildings, for instance, try not to have the fourth floor.

2. Alternating your legs

Gamblers who want to be lucky at the table often do physical tics and rituals. One of the strangest casino beliefs is that crossing your legs will bring bad luck.

We don’t know why this strange faux pas is terrible luck unless a gambler is just chilling out at the table and has lost a lot of money. Still, players are more alert and focused on the task when their legs are not crossed.

3. Keeping track of your cash at the table

It represents one of the most common gambling myths. It comes from the fact that early gamblers on the road would never count their chips until the game was over. In a casino, it’s thought to be bad luck to count your chips during a long blackjack session.

4. Use the front entrance to the casino

Some Asian gamblers believe this is the best way to win. People usually use the back entrance. It has been the case since the 1990s when the MGM Grand changed its famous “lion’s mouth” entrance.

Similar beliefs about architecture and gambling are newer. The new VIP room at the Hippodrome Casino in London, England, had to be changed because it didn’t have the correct “feng shui.” It was redesigned from the ground up for the wealthy and superstitious clientele.

5. Fingertips

Some people in Europe believe that having itchy hands is bad luck. Or the gambler is getting sweaty because they are having a very stressful time at the craps table. But in some places, like Serbia, itching hands are a good sign.

The idea may have come from an old belief that if your left palm was itchy, you were about to lose money. Watch out, though, if your right palm starts to itch. That could mean you’re about to hit the big time.

6. Maintain 50 Bills

Some gamblers think it’s bad luck to get $50 bills. Most of the fake money seen in the U.S. is in the form of $50 bills, which can be hard to break when you go to the store.

But the idea that you shouldn’t spend $50 bills may have come from the history of the U.S. Mafia. The Mob would bury their victims with $50 bills in their pockets in the deserts of Nevada. One of the most horrible things that could occur to a gambler has to be that.

8. Whistling

Whistling is thought to be one of the more strange casino superstitions. Crossing your fingers or touching wood is believed to bring good luck, but making noise at the table is thought to bring bad luck.
We don’t know where it came from, but it might have started with British sailors who whistled and were thought to bring strong winds. Today, whistling in a casino in OKBET will likely get you a few stern looks from other players.


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