Diamond Drilling
A Study On New Uses For Diamond Drilling In The Construction Industry

In the present day, the use of diamond drilling has significantly increased in the construction sector. And this has led to the rising popularity of this technique. 

Diamond drilling is a form of core drilling that employs a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit affixed. These diamond-infused bits are used for making openings or holes of 0.75mm – 1500mm diameter in stone, concrete and masonry structures. 

Again, the diamond drilling tools can help you attain a maximum depth of 5 meters. When compared to the conventional techniques, diamond drilling is known to be a cost-effective and accurate method to choose. The best part about this technique is that it does not need reinstatement work once the cutting or drilling is performed.

Another essential thing to note is that, unlike the conventional drilling techniques, diamond drilling helps to produce a minimal amount of noise and dust, particularly during the drilling operation. 

As diamond is the hardest known material on the earth, you can utilise the diamond drills for grinding away almost any type of surface with much efficiency and ease. So, these drills can cut through rebar, steel and other rigid materials, which you may fail to achieve utilising other abrasives.

Not only that, but the technique of diamond drilling ensures swifter drilling at the micro or nano level, yielding a clean and smooth surface. Again, you will find the availability of diamond drills in a wide variety of sizes. So, you can be assured to come across the right option for your drilling project requirements.

Most Common Applications Of Diamond Drilling In The Construction Sector

One can employ diamond drilling equipment for carrying out a diverse range of tasks, including wire sawing, floor sawing, etc. All of these are again common to the construction sector. Drilling is generally performed to form openings for installing electric wires, plumbing pipes and insertion of support frames, especially during the construction.

  • Diamond drilling is utilised to create space for door and window units in the walls. The drilling equipment is also employed in more challenging projects such as property restoration, demolition and underground construction.
  • The contractors again focus on employing diamond stitch drilling to create a series of neighbouring holes in any specific pattern that is needed. Also, the drilling method removes large sections of concrete structures, walls or slabs, thereby keeping the associated area’s structural integrity intact.
  • Diamond infused bits are affixed on the rotating end of the drilling equipment, which is generally powered by the electric or hydraulic system. The tool’s drilling end can move vertically, horizontally and inverted fashion, making it well-suited for constrained spaces.

Recently, a study has been conducted on this aspect. And the findings of this study have made it clear that there are some new uses for diamond drilling in the construction sector. Now, let’s talk about this particular study in detail in the forthcoming section:

Discovering The New Uses Of Diamond Drilling In The Construction Sector

You could easily carry out challenging jobs within the construction sector by employing diamond drilling techniques and equipment. Another critical thing to note in this aspect is that you will require unconventional applications of diamond drilling whenever you need to accomplish intricate jobs. 

The lack of alternative equipment or technique is another big reason behind the increase in the use of diamond drilling. One good example of this entails continuous drilling through brick, clay, soil and concrete to form ducting tunnels.

In this regard, a study was conducted which proved some of the new uses of diamond drilling in the construction sector. Now, let’s have a quick look at this study:

Study On The New Uses Of Diamond Drilling In The Construction Sector

As part of this research study, a group of the drilling experts were asked to produce two ducting tunnels below a terraced house’s foundation. Again, a new extension had meant the original breathing holes in this case. 

Also, it aids in naturally ventilating the sub-floor areas in the property which had been covered and thereby promoting soaring dampness. In such a circumstance, they ultimately decide to utilise a new application of continuous drilling. 

It is conventionally used for drilling through brickwork and concrete. Also, the constant extension of the mining barrel makes sure that the hole does not collapse as it drills. Once accomplished, a solid plastic sleeve is inserted mainly along the barrel length before removing it.

One of the essential things to note is that, in this specific project, the diamond drilling experts were mainly involved in drilling two holes that are 7 meters long. The holes were again drilled about 1 metre beneath the ground level. Also, the boring of the holes was carried out from the sub-floor area of the house below the concrete slab of the new extension to an opening that is present outside.

Finally, they focused on using a unique solution that aids in the removal of the cored waste. Conventionally, it takes the shape of solid concrete tubes. But note that, with the mining barrel boring through the earth, there was sucking back of the generated soil waste through the barrel with an industrial vacuum.

Diamond Drilling: An Affordable And Flexible Solution To Many Unusual Problems

It is evident from this particular study that the diamond drilling process tends to offer flexible and affordable solutions to several unusual problems that are commonly experienced in the construction sector. 

But the only important thing to ensure in this aspect is that it should only be handled by professional and reliable diamond drilling Kent companies. CA Drillers is one such reputed name, operating in this industry for a long. They are always dedicated to offering you the best assistance. 

In A Nutshell

After knowing about the findings of this research study, we hope you have a clear insight into the importance of this diamond drilling technique in accomplishing your construction project. It is imperative to find an expert diamond drilling Kent company like CA Drillers to make the most out of it. Looking forward to knowing more? If yes, don’t delay getting in touch with them today. 


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