Are Dubai Expats Attracted to Seychelles for their weddings?

As a Dubai expat, you are probably in the process of planning your wedding. You have a myriad of options available to you for where to get married, but there are some great reasons to consider Seychelles as your destination wedding location. 

Here are five reasons why Dubai expats love getting married in Seychelles:

A vibrant culture

Culture is what makes a place unique, attractive and memorable. It is what makes it more than just a destination. Culture is the reason why Dubai expats should consider getting married in Seychelles.

Seychelles has a rich heritage that is reflected through its culture, cuisine and music. The country has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Le Morne Cultural Landscape, Curieuse Island and Baie du Cap that reflect its African and Creole history as well as European influences from colonial times.

The weather is always perfect

When you marry in Seychelles, you will never have to worry about rain or sandstorms. The weather is always perfect—warm, sunny and dry. No matter what your wedding season is like at home, it is just a hop away on the plane!

No need to worry about cold weather either; the average temperature of the capital Victoria ranges from 25°C in December to 30°C in April. If high temperatures are your thing then July sees an average maximum temperature of 32°C.

And if it is summertime where you live then why not take advantage of the tropical climate with a beachfront setting for your nuptials?

Ideal venues for weddings in Seychelles

In Seychelles, there are a number of ideal venues for weddings. Below are the most popular ones:

Beach Wedding – When looking to get married on a beach there are many options in Seychelles that offer stunning scenery and excellent facilities to make your special day even more memorable. Some of these beaches have been used for couples to tie the knot for decades and have become very popular with those looking for traditional weddings with their families and friends.

Garden Wedding – Weddings in Seychelles can also take place in beautiful gardens surrounded by exotic plants, trees and flowers. Many couples choose this option as it allows them to create an intimate setting for their guests whilst still being able to enjoy nature’s beauty around them all day long!

Mountain Wedding – If you are looking for something different then why not consider getting married at one of the mountaintop locations? The stunning views from these locations provide breathtaking backdrops that ensure your photos will be fantastic! This type of location is perfect if you want something unique but don’t want anything too ‘out-there’ either – it has everything needed whilst still remaining elegant enough not to offend anyone! 

We highly recommend this venue choice if available where applicable. However, please note that some restrictions may apply depending on which resort or location was chosen so check with the venue you are interested in first before proceeding further as this may affect prices/availability, etc. 

Beautiful beaches

If you love the beach, then Seychelles is the place for you. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful ones you would have ever seen. They are also a big part of what makes Seychelles so special and unique as a destination. There are other places in the world that have pretty beaches (like Hawaii), but there is something about being on an island surrounded by clear blue water with palm trees swaying in the breeze that makes it feel even more magical.

The perfect way to spend your days here is relaxing on your private beach with a view of other islands off in the distance while listening to waves crashing against rocks at nighttime. You could also go snorkeling or scuba diving if that is more up your alley; there are many activities available depending on what kind of person you are!

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Unique honeymoon experiences

Seychelles offers a wide range of activities to choose from. If you are the adventurous type, you can go on a snorkeling trip and view colorful fish, turtles and manta rays in their natural habitat. There are also open-air markets where you can buy souvenirs for your friends back home! 

Seychelles is also known as the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean” because it has so many beautiful beaches like Fregate Island with its white sand beach and clear turquoise water that looks like it came straight out of Hawaii!

For those who want something more romantic than just sunbathing on the beach all day long, there are many unique places including the waterfalls where couples can take relaxing walks together while enjoying breathtaking views of nature around them. 

You can also go diving underwater with your partner where there are many colorful fish swimming alongside each other in peace – or if you have always wanted to fly over water but don’t know how then now is your chance; why not try parasailing? Or maybe even bungee jumping off one mountain peak after another? The point here is no matter what kind of person you may be (and whether or not you like adventure), everyone deserves an opportunity for romance at some point during their lives!

Seychelles is a popular destination for Dubai expats to get married in.

Why? Because Seychelles is an island country with a rich history, beautiful beaches and unique wildlife that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. It is no surprise that more and more couples are choosing this tropical paradise as their wedding destination.

What makes Seychelles a popular destination for Dubai expats to get married in? The answer is simple: it is the year-round sun, crystal clear water and luxurious accommodation in the best hotels in Seychelles!

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Seychelles, STORY Seychelles is your answer. This luxury boutique hotel is located on the island of Mahé and offers beach villas, private pool suites, and garden rooms. The resort is known for its elegant yet casual atmosphere, with friendly staff that will do anything they can to make your stay memorable. 

You can enjoy your stay in any one of these luxurious accommodations, or even get married on-site!

To conclude…

So, you can see why getting married in Seychelles is a great idea. The stunning location and year-round good weather make it an ideal location for couples looking to get married in a tropical paradise. If you do decide to marry there, we would love to hear about your experience!


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