Ayurvedic herbs for boosting Immunity.

Immunity is the main factor responsible for the physical well being of an individual which enhances, promotes and protects the health of a person. 

According to Ayurveda vyadhishamtavabala is known as Immunity. And in various samhitas according to different Acharya’s there is description of different herbs which helps in boosting the immune system and maintaining the proper Metabolic activities inside the body. 

They helps in rejuvenation and provides power and strength to the body and helps in fighting against the various diseases and foreign body invasions

There are a lot of herbs available for boosting Immunity according to Ayurveda with the great history and description on their effects and usage. Pure shilajit is the most famous herb in the world for immunity. 

Some of these are 

  • Ashwagandha– Withania somnifera is its scientific name and is widely used for boosting the immune system and body Strengthening. It has a lot of active compounds inside it and also have anti- anti-inflammatory properties along with other medicinal properties as well. It works good against inflammation such as Arthritis , work good for brain function, works good in sexual health. It also improves the libido , it also reduces the anxiety and depression etc Works as natural Immunity booster with less or even no side effects.
  • Amla – Emblica officinalis is also a great herb with great description. According to Ayurveda and acts as rasayan which helps in enhancing the metabolism and empower the strength . It is rich in vitamin c and acts as a rejuvenator . It also helps in reducing the inflammation naturally and strengthen the immune system naturally .Along with immune system response it is also beneficial for hair, skin etc and it also Improves the response action ability at cellular level 
  • Tulsi- Ocimum santalum is the type of herbs which is found in every Indian household along with spiritual status it also consists of a lot of medicinal properties. It is very much beneficial in respiratory diseases, infections, cold , flu etc. You can have it in direct form such as you can eat it’s leaves but now more as it’s direct interaction with teeth is not good. You can have it also in your tea, it’s decoction, it’s juice etc. Infections are the main reason for body dysfunctions which also happens due to low Immunity. As tulsi keeps you away from infections ultimately helps in strengthening the Immune system and works as a natural Immunity booster. 
  • Shilajit- It is an mineral based extract found in the form of sticky tar near Himalayas. According to Ayurveda is has so many medicinal properties and also works as Immunity booster . It has anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the excess of inflammation which causes diseases and also helps in reducing the infection rate . It consists of a lot of active components inside it which boosts up you Immunity. Fulvic acid is the most important mineral in shilajit. 

These are some herbs which help in improving the immune system naturally and help in body strengthening but should be taken in proper dosage after proper consultation by your health care advisor. 


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