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Brampton’s Leading Provider of brampton cosmetic dentist, Providing Individualized Smile Makeovers. Acquire a Smile That Exudes Confidence Cosmetic Dentistry in Brampton, Ontario lady with blonde hair and pink balloons she is clutching. Smiles are really powerful. They communicate joy, kindness, and warmth to the recipient. People may be drawn to you because of your grin, which also helps them to feel more at ease while they are in your company. And the most potent tool of all is a charming grin, which communicates to others that you are self-assured and have control over yourself. However, if you don’t think your smile is as attractive as you’d want it to be, you may choose from a number of different cosmetic dental treatments that we provide at our dentist office in Brampton. Changing your smile may have a significant impact on your self-esteem, which will motivate you to flaunt your new grin wherever you go.

What sorts of challenges could reduce your feeling of self-confidence?



Teeth that are crooked

Chips in Teeth with Unnatural Shapes


Broken Teeth

We provide cosmetic dental services that are capable of treating all of these issues. You may choose to have just one operation done in order to have a basic smile pick-me-up, or you can have many procedures done in order to have a total grin makeover. Together, we will go through all of the possibilities available to you and devise a treatment strategy that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Our dental practice in Brampton can assist you with a smile makeover if you have been thinking about getting one.

Which treatments related to aesthetic dentistry do we offer?

Bonding in cosmetic dentistry

Bonding your teeth together cosmetically is a fast and simple cosmetic dentistry operation that may have a significant influence on the look of your smile. Dr. Vince Fava, a cosmetic dentist, may repair minor flaws in a patient’s smile by using a substance called composite resin. This material can fill in cracks, gaps, and chips. Cosmetic dental bonding may be the best option for those who would want a more natural-looking and less invasive replacement for veneers made of porcelain. There are certain issues that just can’t be fixed with cosmetic dental bonding, and in such cases, porcelain veneers are probably the best option for you. The fact that this uncomplicated surgery may be completed in a single visit to our dental clinic in Brampton, on the other hand, makes it attractive to patients who have active schedules and smile imperfections that are not severe.

Whitening of the Teeth

Whitening of the teeth is, and will continue to be, one of the most requested cosmetic dental procedures here at Torbram Dental. Why? mainly due to the fact that just one operation may drastically change your whole appearance. Whiter teeth transmit a sense of freshness and health, which may make you feel better about your smile. Whiter teeth can be brightened up with teeth whitening, which is a simple process that can have astonishing results.

Transformations of one’s entire grin

If your grin needs additional attention, don’t despair! For a more comprehensive transformation of your smile, we may combine any number of our cosmetic dental treatments. In order to provide the appearance of a uniform and straight grin and gum line, porcelain veneers are often used in conjunction with gum contouring. It is also possible to combine cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening in order to get a full and radiant smile. When it comes to aesthetic dental treatment from Dr. Vince Fava at Torbram Dental, the choices are almost limitless.

Contact Torbram Dental as soon as possible if you are currently putting up with a smile that you do not enjoy in order to book a smile consultation with Dr. Fava. Our dental practise in Brampton, Ontario, has transformed patients’ smiles for patients coming from as far away as Mississauga, Georgetown, and Woodbridge. You deserve to cherish your grin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Question marks on cardboard

It is natural to have a few reservations before you are ready to commit to the smile of your dreams when you are considering cosmetic dentistry since it is a major choice. Don’t worry; in order to put your mind at ease during the consultation, your cosmetic dentist in Brampton will walk you through everything in detail. In the interim, in order to allay any concerns, we have provided responses to a few of the most often asked questions that our patients have.


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