Buidling Your Dream Home
Buidling Your Dream Home

Growing up we’ve always wanted to have a beautiful and spacious home not only to ourselves but also for the comfort of our family and friends. Finding the right architect who shares the same vision is essential to help you bring your dream home to life.

Searching for a good architect is like searching for a good partner. While there are so much choice out there, one must carefully choose an architect can and who will sail through the design and planning with you seamlessly.

APL Architects believes that one of the important factors in choosing a good architect is their knowledge and expertise but the right architect will also be able to translate your ideas and vision while incorporating your personal style and be someone you feel comfortable working with.

We’ve put together tips to help you find your ideal architect for your dream home.

1. Prepare a Brief or Inspiration

Before you approach an architect you need to prepare a brief or inspiration of the home that you would want to build. An architect will have a better idea whether they can take on the project or not. An idea on the following would be helpful to for your architect:

  • Number of rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Architectural Style
  • Materials you prefer
  • Arrangement (if you prefer an open plan)

2. Look for an Architect through Word of Mouth

Aside from doing google search or browsing through magazines, one of the easiest ways to look for an architect is through Word of Mouth. You can start by searching within your local area or vicinity. Check out different Social Media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. There are lots of firms showcasing their work in these platforms wherein they can reach out to a larger audience.

3. Choose an Architect that you’re comfortable working with

You’re about to invest your time and money in building your dream home. Look for an Architect that you can trust to design your home, you need to be able to feel comfortable working with your architect and approaching them about anything and everything. One of the deciding factors is having a good communication and safe space in sharing ideas.

4. Meet with an Architect who respects your budget

Let’s all be honest, building your dream home is not cheap. Building your dream home will take up so much of your overall budget – which is why it’s very important that you meet with architect that can work with your budget without compromising too much of your ideals and visions. Once you get this part right you’re on the right track.

5. Find an Architect who previous or current works you admire

Nowawadays, it’s easier to check portfolio’s or proof of work of Architects via the Social Media or through their website. This will give you an idea on the architectural style they specialize in and the materials they use or their practices. It’s crucial that you’re vision is aligned with their architectural style for them to be able to deliver the the style that you’re after.

In the end, the client-architect relationship is very personal. It involves discussing habits, hobbies, interests and tastes. Ultimately, you would want the choice to be right. We hope that these tips will help you choose your architect wisely.


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