Viruses and related particles have been proven to travel pretty fast in dry hair. It’s in this line of observation that humidifiers are believed to help slow the rate at which covid19 travels, therefore helping to protect you. After two solid years of living with this ailment, many people are now cognizant of the need to have cleaner air around them. When there is enough air circulating inside your house, and the existence of a reliable air filtration system, the rate at which all viruses, including covid-19, is and influenza is reduced.

Humidification has emerged as a top strategy that you can use to make the air in your home safe for breathing. It’s been suggested by several scientific studies that air that contains between 40 and 60 percent humidity can help in cutting down on the number of viruses that can be transmitted through the air. It’s with this understanding thathumidifiers for covid19 have been created.

The principle of evaporation in physics

Respiratory aerosols are made up of a fluid that has viruses as well as other substances right there. They are released via talking or breathing, and when they get out of your mouth, they evaporate. However, when the air is dry, the rate of evaporation is increased and a lot of their size is lost. However, when the amount of humidity in the air is increased, not a lot of evaporation will take place, and the particles will remain larger and unable to float around.

When the conditions become increasingly humid, the particles of the virus will fall out of the air quickly, and this means that a small amount of these viruses will be left to be inhaled. For the particles that have landed, there is a possibility that they will be transmitted via touch, but that is less of a concern nowadays.

Research that was conducted by the University of Oregon proved this, as the participants were made to enter a small room that had controlled environment and made to complete a number of tasks such as coughing, walking, and talking among others. The researchers varied the room’s conditions, including humidity. The humidity varied from 29 and 54 percent. The results showed that with every increase of humidity by 12 percent, the amount of viruses in the air was reduced by half. Increasing humidity of a room can be compared to masking the room instead of the person and has proved to be working wonders.

Humidification is an important layer of protection against most viruses

It’s been proven through research that humidification can be used to manage the rate at which the covid19 virus spreads in the air. However, this shouldn’t be used in seclusion because there are other methods of prevention that have been proven to be working effectively. Good ventilation together with having powerful air filters at home can help. But when you are in public spaces where there are many people, masking up is important.


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