Game design is a big thing. You may be wondering, “Can my child learn game design online?” The answer is yes. There are a lot of games and other websites and apps that let kids, even kids young enough to be in kindergarten, create their own games and game elements. In fact, they do more than just let kids create these elements; they have all sorts of simple, useful tools that help them do it. Kids don’t need to be skilled at coding or know much of anything about computers, either. However, after taking the coding classes for kids that use these tools, they will.


A lot of these tools are games, and that should come as no surprise, for kids learn best when they’re having fun. They pay more attention, they get more engaged, and they are more motivated to succeed at the challenges their lessons set them. Many of these games involve helping an avatar overcome obstacles, navigate mazes, and so forth using computer code instead of a classic computer game control.

Code-Free Coding

One of the ways in which some of these coding tools help kids learn how to design games is by taking the code out. Instead of writing code, kids drag and drop little colored blocks into place. Each block represents a certain piece of code. This way, kids can concentrate on the logic of the code they are creating without having to get distracted by its semantics and technical details. Also, by using this set-up, these tools add a visual learning element to the lessons, which makes them easier for kids to learn. Once your kids get used to the underlying logic of coding, they can easily graduate to writing the actual code, too.

Minecraft Modding

Minecraft is an enormously popular open world game that your kids are likely already playing. Then you’ll like the fact that there is more than one coding class for kids that teaches them Minecraft modding. That is, customizing the characters, mobs, and other game elements so they can create their own Minecraft maps, characters, and even games. By learning how to get even more involved and creative with a game they love, these Minecraft-oriented teaching tools give them extra motivation to learn.

More Advanced Classes

Coding school for kids is not limited to teaching the simple, basic stuff. There are a lot of classes that teach game coding for teens and other advanced students, as well. These tools tend to use more real code, instead of blocks that are representations of code. They also tend to have more advanced challenges that need to be overcome. Your kids can easily graduate from simple game design teaching tools to more advanced ones and, in the process, learn enough about game design to make complex games of their own from scratch.

Preparation for the Future

Computer games are enormously popular, and there are a lot of job openings involving game design in some way or other. By teaching your kids how to design games, you’re not just giving them a hobby, you’re training them in the skills that they may very well need in their future jobs. And even if they don’t go into work designing games, learning game design teaches all kinds of useful skills, such a problem-solving, planning, testing, math, and so forth that will be useful in pretty much any job.

Learning Game Design

If you want your children to learn coding for kids then there are a lot of classes and tools out there that can help. If you are wondering, “Can my child learn game design online,” the answer is yes, and they’ll enjoy the learning experience and get a lot of benefit from it as well.


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