It tastes fishy and a bit salty, but more like ocean water. Freshness matters a lot when you want the actual taste of seafood. It has a very firm texture, feels like butter, very smooth and creamy. As it melts in your mouth. Typically, It looks like a small pearl, size and colour depend upon its variety.

Here, we discuss Caviar and its history. Who are the suppliers? and what are its health benefits?

How is Caviar obtained? And how can I eat it?

Caviar is obtained from fish and certain marine animals. The rarest and most expensive caviar comes from critically endangered beluga sturgeon that swims in the Caspian sea. Traditionally, Another word for caviar is the roe from species of sturgeon and other marine animals. It can be fresh as well as pasteurised.

Traditionally, caviar is eaten in small portions, but, as curiosity increased, people started to invent multiple ways of eating it. People usually like to eat caviar along with toast or with another snack that has less amount of salt in them,

Additionally, they use it as a garnishing ingredient. If you are eating something unsalty, then this could be the best choice to add on. It is best served as simple.

History & Who are the suppliers?

It has a long and beautiful history. The leading producer of caviar or roe is the countries that are surrounded by sea or ocean.

Italy is the world’s largest producer of caviar, Italian caviar is generally the most sold and appreciated. The largest sturgeon farm is located in Italy.

China has emerged as a leading producer of caviar. It supplies almost 60% of world production. Kalunga queen is the world’s largest company of the world that supplies caviar.

Nutritional importance & health benefits

Caviar is the powerhouse of nutrition. It has enormous health benefits, it is full of vitamins, protein, fats, and other nutritional elements.

Even a spoonful serving of caviar can give impressive results.

Let’s see how much we get if we serve a 1-ounce of caviar in our daily diet.

  • Calories – 75 grams
  • Protein – 7 grams
  • Carb – 5 grams
  • Fat – 1 gram
  • Vitamin B12 – 236% of the daily value
  • Iron – 34% of the daily value
  • Sodium – 19% of the daily value
  • Selenium – 18%  of the daily value

As you can see, just a small amount of caviar intake can give you immense nutritional benefits. It is very important to take nutrition as well as a daily balanced diet to stay healthy. So taking caviar into your daily diet can help you a lot in many ways.

All the things that are found in it have their benefits. Taking a fixed amount of calories is very essential for you to stay in shape and maintain good physical strength.

Protein is very essential for your bones, it also increases your metabolism, reduces your blood pressure, and helps you build muscles. Vitamin B12 helps keep your blood and nerves healthy and helps make DNA and genetic material in your cells.

“People behind the plate are just as important as food. Today, if we can taste caviar, and eat it in multiple ways, it is just because of those enthusiastic, hardworking people who brought it to the market and gave us this rare and precious food, that has immense health benefits”.

About Longino & Cardenal

Longino and Cardenal is a B2-B company that deals with rare and precious food items. Its headquarter is in Italy and was founded in 1988.

The company imports fresh caviar from Iran or other countries and supplies it to the retailer or restaurants that sell food items that are of the best quality and sells seafood.

Longino and Cardenal is a company that sells varieties of delicate food items which are rare and precious.

Finding rare and precious food around the globe is the specialty of Longino and Cardenal. You don’t need to visit the store outlet to buy caviar all the time.

Now you can buy caviar online from anywhere in the world by visiting Its online shopping site.

There you will find varieties of Caviar products, which you can choose according to your likes. You can select your category and price range. Shopping Caviar has been easy,

In addition, it has a beautiful user interface that makes your shopping hassle-free. Delivery in Abu Dhabi is now available every Monday and Thursday.


Longino and Cardenal have effective logistics that allow them to deliver the order very quickly on time. The service is reserved for restaurants and hotels till now.

All things considered –

Improving the nutritional value of a daily diet by supplementing it with caviar is the best option anyone can choose.


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