You definitely need to allocate a separate place in your wardrobes for sunglasses. Their function of providing UV protection and serving as a fashion accessory for your style needs makes them a must have accessory.

Nowadays, we have multiple types of sunglasses. From polarised sunglasses to wraparound ones, from mirrored sunglasses to those which come with transition lenses, although all these styles perform the basic function of UV protection, they do have certain unique characteristics as well.

One of the coolest sunglasses styles are clip-on sunglasses, which are a hot trend in modern times. When you need to switch constantly between indoor and outdoor environments, you might find carrying both normal glasses and sunglasses inconvenient. Further, you also need to ensure that the pair which is not in use remains stored safely. This is where clip-on glasses can come very handy. 

What are Clip-on Sunglasses?

When two sets of lenses (with tints) surrounded by frames, and without any temples are attached to a normal pair of glasses, what we get is a pair of clip-on sunglasses. 

It needs to be noted that the structure of two sets of lenses without any temples cannot be used in a standalone manner, and needs to be attached to a pair of normal glasses to derive utility out of them.

Talking about the function of clip-on sunglasses, it needs to be noted that these pairs are equally effective in providing the function of UV protection.

When it comes to style, they are certainly an offbeat style, which looks sophisticated and elegant. Clip-on sunglasses will certainly make you stand apart from the crowd. Due to their increase in popularity at a rapid pace, clip-on sunglasses are now available in all styles and types.

Recently, while going through my facebook feed, I came across a post by Specscart, which is an eyewear startup in the UK. The post displayed their amazing range of clip-on sunglasses, and what surprised me even more was their pocket-friendly prices. You too can follow Specscart Facebook to discover their amazing collection of clip-on sunglasses.

Types of Clip-on Sunglasses

Based on the different ways in which your clip-on frames are attached to your normal pairs of glasses, here are the different types of clip-on sunglasses that you need to know. 

  • Standard – By using clips, the clip-on frames are attached to your glasses in this type of clip-on sunglasses. Clips might be used at various spots of the frames to ensure that the additional part remains attached perfectly.
  • Magnetic – We all know about the amazing ability of magnets to hold things together, In magnetic clip-on sunglasses, magnets that are powerful enough to hold the two parts together are employed. 
  • Flip-up – The flip-up types of clip-on sunglasses are those in which the clip-on frames always remain attached to your glasses, Because the two parts are detachable, you don’t have to worry about storing the other part separately. Just flip them up when you are out of sunny conditions, and once you are back in the sun, bring them down. 

Clip-on Sunglasses vs Transitions Lenses

Transition lenses are another super cool style that are also very handy. Transition lenses are light-sensitive lenses, which undergo a change in the colour of their tints based on the light incident over their surface. 

In a single pair of transition lenses, you are provided with the function of both glasses with clear lenses and also sunglasses.

Transition lenses might take some time to adjust the colours of their tints while making a switch from indoor to sunny conditions, or vice-versa. In the case of clip-on sunglasses, there is no such need to make any adjustment. Further, during activities like driving, transition lenses might not be able to change their tint colours. 

Transition lenses are more handy as they are not detachable pairs like clip-on sunglasses. You don’t even need to take off transition glasses when you switch between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

If you are someone who wears prescription glasses, you can put on the detachable clip-on frames over these prescription glasses only, and there is no need for getting them updated with your prescription. In case of transition lenses, you will certainly require to get them updated with your prescription if you need an eyesight correction.

Buying Clip-on Sunglasses Online

If you are looking for top quality clip-on sunglasses at pocket-friendly prices, you should head over the internet to buy these pairs. 

There is a superb collection of clip-on sunglasses over the internet, which covers all styles and types. From the iconic wayfarers to the vintage tortoiseshell frames, from the classic aviators to the funky oversized clip-on sunglasses, from the decent rectangular styles to the retro round clip-on sunglasses, you name the styles and you will find them over the internet.

You can also try on these pairs at home before finalising your purchase by opting for the home trial feature. 

Just keep it in mind that the more online sites you visit while buying your clip-ons, the better the purchase.


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