Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating

After several years of interval you need to consider new boiler replacement. As boiler never lasts for long you need to upgrade to energy and cost efficient system. Otherwise, it will become unstable after some point of time. If you get the existing system many years ago then it is the right time to upgrade it. 

But how will you do that- is what you think then this blog is for you! This guide entails important 6 steps for successful and proper boiler replacement in your property. 

Which kind of boiler is there?

Closely observe the heating system and boiler. It should be any of the following three types:

  • Combination boiler
  • Gravity-fed system along specific hot water cylinder
  • Unvented high pressure system having hot water cylinder separately

If you not sure regarding the type, then you find central heating becomes complex and hazardous. It is so; because electricity and fuel is there in similar small area to combustion; that means to control fire and hot water use in the home. 

In case boiler heats up the water immediately to use and has no cylinder then it is a combi or combination boiler. However in case cylinder is there in the loft then it is gravity-fed system. Unvented or gravity-fed system is rarely available as it supplies hot water through main pressure. 

Take decision of boiler replacement

After checking your model you really need to think regarding the replacement! To make the final decision you can start reviewing a number of important aspects. These include existing system, solar heating possibility and difficulty in upgrading to condensing boiler. 

In fact choice of model of the boiler can affect the replacement number of parts of the existing central heating system of the property. Gravity-fed system is really complex and that’s why it never recommends by the expert to install. It needs an additional loft tank. However if you go with this then you should install heat-only boiler or system boiler. 

Heat-only system comes with external pump increasing the expense more. You can get an existing system’s new version which will serve you as high-pressure system. However you need to choose again from system or heat-only option. 

Need condensation or not

After 2003, every boiler model has condensing power. This means they are highly effective in saving money by reducing the fuel consumption. However it requires external drainage system. 

Well it is an appropriate option but repositioning is necessary alongside drainage pipe and condensate pump. Insulation is also essential to prevent further freezing. 

Solar-power heating

It is an outstanding decision in case you want to dispose the concept of hot water cylinder. Solar panel will come with twin-coil cylinder for generation of electricity. Although in summer you can get the supply of hot water freely but in winter you need top up.  

Boiler installation

Lately modern models have been launched in the market. Call your heating engineer who can explain everything about modern installation processes. You may need to upgrade the boiler flues and gas supply pipes. 

Complete expense of boiler installation

Full replacement with new boiler can cost minimum £1600 for installation. In case you get a boiler all by yourself then retain is possible of about £300 on the basis of the model you take. However, any renowned branded boiler model in the UK can cost anywhere from £700-£5,500. 

Then you need to hire Gas Safe registered engineers for installation which will cost another £1000. Additional cost will be there for upgrading the boiler flue.  Due to the safety and complication issue you should hire the expert to install the new boiler in the commercial or domestic property. Always go with Gas Safe registered engineers for boiler repair in London to fix the issue or install the new one safely and perfectly. You can send quote request before hiring as well.


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