Corner kick bets are attractive bets that anyone who has been betting for a long time is extremely fond of, especially at Euro 2024. So, combine this bet with defense and counterattack tactics. Is it a good idea to bet? This article by 22Bet will give you the most basic perspective on this type of bet and how to apply it to the typical strategy mentioned above.

1. What is this strategy?

The counter-attacking defensive strategy is a style of play based on establishing a solid defensive line, often dropping low near their own penalty area to create space, and using the speed of the attacking players. attack to exploit the advantage of the opponent’s out-of-control balls. The main goal is to firmly fend off enemy attacks and launch quick counterattacks when the opportunity arises.

This tactic is based on the idea of using defensive strength to create breakthrough opportunities, taking advantage of the attacker’s speed and accurate long balls. Its great advantage is that it can make the opponent unable to react in time, but it is also a disadvantage when you have to put all your trust in long passes and a certain sharpness of the defensive line.

2. Impact on corner kick bets

While counter-attacking teams are often not strong at attacking on the edge, they also often pull their formation low and rarely push their formation high to create pressure from the edge, which can lead to a reduction in the number of corner kicks. in the match. Therefore, the underbet on the total number of corners could be a suitable choice. Although this tactic does not often result in corners, teams using it can face many corners from the opponent, especially when the opponent increases their attack and pushes their formation high to look for goals. You can easily see that handicapping the corner for your opponent may be a significantly better choice.

3. How to play

Before betting on the total number of corners, consider your opponent’s style of play. If the opponent prefers to control the ball and launch attacks from the sidelines, the number of corners can increase, even when facing a team that plays counter-attacking defense.

Watch how the match is going and place corner bets based on how the match is going. Strong counter-attacks can force the counter-attacking team to defend more and may have to clear the ball out more often. You should consider watching the match live; it’s best not to just watch the stats or simulate because corner betting with this type of strategy is very unpredictable.

Additionally, consider combining corner kick bets with other bets, such as match score or number of goals, to optimize your chances of winning. For example, if a counter-attacking team faces a strong offensive team, you can follow the under-arc but over-score. Maybe add one more cross-bet if you want better profits.

Defensive and counter-attacking tactics will basically reduce the number of corner kicks and will cause the team to often get a handicap, but the opponent’s ability to win is high. Therefore, you should choose the under, or the opponent’s bet on the number of corners, as well as the over, which is a good way to play in this case.


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