You’re here to determine if it is an CrowdTapaz fraud or a reliable website, or not? If it is you’re on the right track because in the following Social / CrowdTapaz review, we’ll reveal the truth of this website.

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Crowd Tapaz is also called Social It is a fake website because of these reasons

This isn’t a brand new type of scam. If you browse the web, you will discover many similar sites. Be aware that these kinds of websites have a lot of complaints and dissatisfactions from various individuals.

CrowdTapaz and similar types of scam websites have never been paid by anyone. When you ask to cash-out the money you earn, these types of websites will request you to complete paid surveys, or pay fees or download certain applications in order to get the money. You must first pay a fee. Even they do ask you to pay them money but they won’t give you any money.

These scam sites earn money through the sale of private information of the users, such as the email addresses, their payment processor’s details and the like, which users are required to supply when they register and make a cash-out request.

Some examples of similar fraud sites include RapidWorkerswz, Soclaievn, Soclaieve, Million-Quiz, Kashkickaf, Vindaleue, Socialel, BiWeeklyIncome, Onedayrewardsdd, Swagbucksgg, Coinbucksoz, Gigwalktc, Pointswb, Coinbucksjo, Gigwalkkz, Coinbucksbw, Vindalexw, SwagBucksbd as well as SwagBuckssn. MobileWorkslx, Vindalemn, Soclaielg, CloutZap, SocialEarn, SocialRebel and more.

These scam sites claim they will offer $0.2 to $10 per click via their referral links. Alternatively, they will pay $5-20 per referral sign-up by clicking on the link. members are only required to copy and paste their referral links onto social media sites and other forums, websites and forums.

Imagine how much these websites must earn to pay $2 per Click on referral hyperlinks, or $10 per referral sign-up.

Anyone can easily promote their website link for $2 per click on social media as well as other websites, which could yield more than one referral sign-up in only the amount of $2. There is no need to pay $2 per click or even $10 per referral sign-up if they are able to get more than 25 clicks, and multiple sign-ups at the same price through direct advertising on these platforms. This shows that the business model for these websites is bogus and they will not make any money.

Websites that make similar claims claim to pay between $10 and $50 to sign to their site as well as $5-$50 to download, installing and testing the apps, $5-$100 for the completion of each survey, etc. These are also false claims since no legitimate company could gain anything from paying this much cash for basic tasks.

As mentioned, it is obvious thatCrowdTapaz is a fraud. If you’d like to share your thoughts about the scam you are welcome to leave a comments below. Please do not hesitate to send this review to your loved ones and friends through your social media profiles to inform them about this Social CrowdTapaz xyz scam.

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