Cryptocurrency is not just now about buying and selling cryptocurrency, it has expanded itself beyond the scale and is setting the bar of digital trading very high. Companies and industries are offering hundreds of different ways to investors to do something different and more for the crypto world using their cryptocurrencies. For example, crypto can be used in innovatively different ways by Crypto-backed loans, by earning cashback and different rewards, goods can be brought by using crypto, interest can be earned crypto, and more interestingly, you can add cryptocurrency in your retirement savings assets.  Let’s take a deeper look, at how you can do the aforementioned things using digital currency.

  • Cashback and reward earning– Crypto Banks dealing with your accounts do offer you debit cards. You can make a purchase and by using crypto, there are offers of cashback and rewards
  • Crypto-backed loans– Stablecoins and cash can be borrowed using cryptocurrency.
  • Earning interests– By simple swapping and staking cryptos, some corporations do offer interest paid back in your account.
  • Purchase goods– A lot of brands are accepting crypto, especially Bitcoin in return for purchase contrary to traditional currency
  • Addition to your retirement saving assets- an IRA account is being used to add and save crypto in conventional SEP IRA or Roth

Some companies are providing crypto traders with solutions and platforms to deal with crypto in a better and broader way. A few of them are listed below with their details of offerings

  1. iTrustCapital
  2. Exodus
  3. Nexo


                iTrustCapital is a self-trading platform that deals with IRA accounts by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is for those traders and investors who want to save something for their old age and like to add cryptocurrencies in their retirement saving portfolios. The registration fee of iTrustCapital is very little which is the success behind it. The whole process is very simple. It gives you options when you sign up to them whether you want to open Roth IRA, traditional IRA, or SEP-IRA account. Afterward, you’ll add your crypto coins to your account. They also have their premium account offers in the form of metal IRA account to trade with gold, silver, and other precious metals. All of this will add to your retirement savings.


                Exodus is a crypto wallet that is of multi-currency type. More than 100 cryptocurrencies are being dealt with on this platform. It helps you to manage, send, receive, store and exchange Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. It is the official platform that handles the global markets of finance. It is for all kinds of people from beginners to experts. The trading environment of Bitcoin Prime is very safe and friendly. It provides the analysis of the present crypto market in real-time, which helps its users to make wise and informed decisions while trading. It supports the contract for differences (CFD) trading. In CFD trading, the investors and traders make predictions regarding the price movement of assets. Click here to know about the features offered by Bitcoin Prime.

Exodus is a desktop application that you can sync with your mobile phone to have access to its features. The user-friendly application makes it great for beginners.


Nexo is a digital wallet application that offers multiple different features like, you can use Nexo to gain interest in your crypto, you can borrow against digital assets, both fiat and crypto can be swapped on it, and lastly, company dividends can be paid by using Nexo tokens which you’ll purchase from Nexo. So Nexo is doing something bigger than the picture. It has broadened itself to make full use of cryptocurrency. You are doing two things simultaneously on Nexo, earningprofits and interests at the same time. By simply buying, selling, or swapping the fiat and more than 75 cryptocurrencies you can earn interest over them. Simple stacking the crypto in the wallet also earns your interest which is the simplest and easiest way to earn by Nexo. Depending upon the coin you are using, a minimum of 20% profit is being added to your wallet whenever you add coins in your Nexo wallets. You can get the benefit of another feature of Nexo which is crypto-backed loans. Your loyalty tier decides the interest over your crypto-backed loans whether it will be 0% or 19%. A loan of about $50 to $2million can be obtained in the form of cash and stablecoins with zero instigation fee.

It is a crypto exchange program that offers you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. All the famous cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), CRO, and more than 100 cryptocurrencies are dealt by it. The prominent features of are the lowest trading charges, high liquidity, high-end security on the institutional level, and special offers for CRO tokens. The user-friendly application let you buy, sell, trade, earn, store cryptocurrencies. You can use your digital assets to get loans as well. With and the crypto earn platform, you simply deposit your desired crypto, get interests daily and enhance your assets. Moreover, rewards can also be earned by using crypto visa cards and crypt-backed loans.

So, without any doubt in this digital world of cryptocurrency trading, the purest way to get to know about the crypto market is by buying the real cryptocurrency and making it stored in your crypto wallet. You can buy either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin from a digital asset platform or crypto Bank, and then exchanging of it will only take a few minutes and your investment and trade will be in your hands. Although cryptocurrency is a very risky investment. If you invest in a coin that is not well established other than Bitcoin- an established one, the chances of risks get higher, as the market of less established coins fluctuates a lot. One day you might get a profit of 10% and another day it might be down to 20%. Don’t get into it with a faint heart.


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