Today, many house improvement shows and Do It Yourself (DIY) videos inspire many to make a few changes to their home. However, as much as it looks like a simple job to renovate your house, it takes skill and taste to transform your home from what it presently is to a stylish home. It is unlikely to complete a DIY project successfully if you don’t do some research into what elements work together. Do you like changing your house decor looks from time to time? Are you searching for ways to decorate your house on a budget? Here are some easy steps to follow.

1.       Understand your Décor Style

Knowing what you like is the first step to decorating. Interior designers describe a variety of decor styles that serve as a guide to decorating tips. You might like Traditional, Modern, Minimalist, Coastal styles, or others.

How do you get to understand your style? Look around the house, select pieces that appeal to you, and photograph them. Is it the color of a particular wall, the wooden texture of a piece of furniture, or cushion, pillow, or curtain? Is it a window frame, mirror, or light fixture? Collate all these photos onto a mood board, rearranging them as you see fit. Search the internet for the different styles portrayed through sites like Pinterest and choose the tone that closely resembles yours. The ideas should guide you on how to match your décor but not keep you within that style box.

2.       Plan, Budget, and Window shop

Once you know what you like, determine how much money you will spend to spice up your home. Visit some stores and yard sales and window-shop or purchase decor items. Try not to duplicate items you already have at home.

3.       Liven Up Space with Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are not only a cheap way to liven the area you are decorating, but they also bring life into the space. Many people enjoy spending time outdoors in green flowery spaces as it makes them relax. Why not introduce the outside into your home with plants or flowers? Research shows that decorating with plants and flowers helps keep the area cleaner, improves the health of the home dwellers, and so forth.

4.       Paint Your Space

With the thousands of videos, which show how to paint projects, the cheapest way to paint is DIY. Look for paint sales at the stores to get a discount and save on your funds. Try to paint with light color paints to give the illusion of space in a dark room. Enhance the newly painted room with a mirror across or next to the window to reflect light.

5.       Remove Clutter

Is the space you want to decorate cluttered? Take some time to sort out what is a must keep, what you can use in a different room, and what you can sell or give away. Only keep the ‘must keep’ items in the room. Organize these onto shelves or storage boxes. Give your room a pristine, clean, and organized look.

Décor FinishWhichever way you want to decorate your house on a budget, money is the keyword. How much have you set aside to complete your décor? Take your time to know your style and taste.


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