DepEd stated that it has begun the process of transferring SIM cards for its teachers at its Central and Field Offices as an element of its duty to provide fundamental forms of assistance and support with this Covid illness (COVID-19) epidemic.

In order to aid education in the face of epidemics it is necessary to make use of websites such as those to aid in the development of education systems across the globe.

What exactly is Depedconnect Com PH?

The Depedconnect comPH project aims to provide sim cards as well as association obligations to the non-educating workers to restore contact and begin the learning process. The initiatives that are being undertaken by Department of Education Department of Education will work on the Covid-19 environment, where students and teachers are unable to give out.

Between July 5th until July 16th in 2021 The ROs and SDOs will respond to SIM card transmission. You can sign up on however, if we attempted to do so, but it wasn’t able to be opened due to the lengthy reaction time.

What’s the purpose behind Depedconnect Com PH?

If someone attempts to use the sim, they will find that the site isn’t operating. We do not have any information about the exact time and reason for this to happen However, the state website isn’t working.

However the most commonly-cited cause is because the person might be less or has a lower level of user on the site and triggering the lower of the page. The page will be refreshed whenever we determine the reason behind the issue.

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How can I become a part of

To start, go to https // login. If you are the first to visit the official site you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like a structure in which you must fill in your information. Name address, the address, the school ID as well as the school’s name along with the occupation’s address, are all included. After that, you need to choose the Pickup plan. After that, a health check for Coronavirus will be conducted.

What’s the significance of

The representatives who are exhibiting are pleased with this particular drive from Depedconnect Com as it will aid them in reducing costs, and also ensure that administrations are indefinitely available. Furthermore it was the DICT, i.e., the division of innovation in information and communication has backed the drive. Additionally, there won’t be any cost associated with this office , as teachers are able to easily conduct their online classes.

People from regions, for example, the Philippines, alongside other regions’ specialties, additionally upheld the explanation so the youngsters can acquire the understanding that got ignored because of the Covid-19.depedconnect com ph


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