Almirah Door Printing Machine

The Verve LED digital UV Almirah Door Printing Machine by Colorjet is ideal for both metal and wooden Almirahs. This device has a built-in UV Varnish Solution that applies varnish directly to the graphics using print heads. It produces vivid prints that are highly resistant to fading and scratches. This printing machine also offers spot-highlighting options for the graphics to create an even richer look.

The Verve LED Head is used for printing color images and white base on almirah. The advanced head is equipped with 180*8 nozzles and 3.5 pl for better print quality. This machine also has Wi-Fi connectivity for easy networking and longer print life. The DX5 and Verve LED heads are ideal for 3D printing on almirahs. The printers are easy to use and are equipped with advanced technology.

The machine Head are popular for printing on almirah. Both are equipped with high-quality imaging systems. The VERVE LED provides high-quality prints with a longer life. The DX5 uses an  Verve LED Head for color images. The Verve LED head provides better print speed and print quality. It has UV LEDs with a covered design.

The DX5 and Verve LED Heads are designed for printing color images on almirah. The VERVE LED features a white base and a UV light. The VERVE LED also has a faster print speed. The advanced VERVE LED technology includes a wireless wi-fi connectivity. With the latest technology, the VERVE LED also has an extended life span. It is one of the most advanced printers on the market.

The advanced  DX5 and Verve LED heads are used to print color and white base on almirah. The VERVE LED features a 180*8 nozzles and 3.5 pl. The VERVE LED offers better speed. In addition, the VERVE LED printer uses the advanced  DX5 & Verve LED head for color image printing on almirah.

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The Verve LED Head is used for 3D printing on almirah doors. It uses a combination of white base and color images. The VERVE LED features an adjustable work-time and a UV LED. Its price and service are attractive. Axis ENTERPRISES has many varieties of digital flatbed printers and is the authorized supplier of the UV Commercial Printers.

Verve LED Head is the most advanced advancement head used for 3D printing on almirah. It has a wide range of media. With the Verve LED Head, the printers can print on more than one type of media. Its UV LED technology gives accurate colors and is scratch-resistant. Its advanced head allows for more flexibility in the work process. The Axis VERVE LED is a top-of-the-line model.

The Verve LED heads are used for color and 3D printing. The VERVE LED print head is used for the color and white almirah. It has 180*8 nozzles and 3.5 pl. It features a faster print speed and a covered UV LED. The VERVE LED printer is also more expensive than other printers, but provides more flexibility.

The Verve LED head is used for printing white and colored images on almirah. Its 180*8 nozzles and 3.5 pl. Its high-quality Advance head is ideal for color and three-dimensional almirah print. This technology is ideal for both color and white almirah. Its faster print speed is another important feature. This machine is also durable. Its durable UVLEDs are covered with a durable plastic film.

This machine is ideal for printing on ceramic, wood, and metal. It is available in two configurations: KCMY+W. The KCMY+W machines are similar in size and price, but differ in their functionalities and capabilities. The dual guider mechanical structure provides precision and flexibility for the printer’s print quality. The Dual Guider mechanical structure is perfect for wide-format media.


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