Disneyland Paris

To all the Disney fans out there, Disneyland Paris is about to celebrate 30 years, and it is inviting all of us for some exciting celebrations and new programs. There will also be a lot of other events and fun. From 6 March 2022, Disneyland Paris will open the gates for its 30th-anniversary celebrations. You will be able to experience the park in a new and beautiful way with laughter, fun, and excitement all around you. You will also be presented with some of the most breathtaking shows and extraordinary experiences on your holidays to Disneyland Paris that will be in your mind for years to come.

Enjoy Some Of The Most Outstanding Shows And Events:

As soon as you enter the French park, you will be able to experience the party atmosphere running down your spine. You will be greeted by Mickey, Mini, Daisy, and Donald in their all-new costumes. You can also take a walk to the 10 Gardens of Wonder, each of which will be decorated. There will be extraordinary models of some of the most famous Disney villains and princesses from the Disney stories in these gardens. You will also be able to sing and dance to the new Disney music.

You will also be able to witness some of the magical moments from the film The Lion King. It is going to be another major attraction of Disneyland Paris. The Disney D-Light is a light show that combines illumination and technology. The show is going to take place above the Sleeping Beauty Castle. So, if you are going to visit Disneyland Paris for the 30th anniversary, you must stay back for the Disney D-Light show.

Experience 30 Years Of Magic:

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Disneyland Paris or a regular visitor, you will have something new and interesting. You will be able to enjoy numerous rides, including the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, The Big Thunder Mountain, the Phantom Manor, and a lot more. You can also enter the world of Star Wars. There will also be a lot of new rides, especially for the 30th-anniversary celebrations. The place is going to help you create memories for a lifetime. 

You will also be able to be a part of many new shows during this time. Some of the most popular exhibits include the Star Wars show, the Lion King show, etc. You will also be able to pick up various merchandisers for yourself from the shops at Disneyland. Disneyland Paris has also launched over 350 new items for you to choose from. You can also enjoy a lip-smacking snack at any cafes and restaurants at Disneyland Paris.

So, be a part of the Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary 2022 celebration and fill your hearts with magic. For more details on your trip to Disneyland Paris, connect with us.


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