For those with guest houses, it may be a bit overwhelming to come up with an interior design. You want it to be trendy and inviting, but you also want it to fit in with your home. While you can follow many design principles used in your house, a guest house is typically smaller and won’t accommodate many choices. To elevate your guest space, you can use several design tips, including hanging wall art, to make the guest house more appealing and inviting.

1. Incorporate New Fabrics

Many people don’t put much thought into the interior design of their guest spaces. They figure it is a space that won’t get much use, so why invest a lot of money? Thankfully, you don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands to infuse a space with style. A guest house can take on a new look using a few new fabrics.

You can hang decorative textiles to make interesting wall pieces. Also, you can bring some color and pattern to monotone furniture with a patterned throw. Elevate your design chops by choosing bold materials and luxurious sheets for the bedding.

2. Consider Stylish Wallpaper Design

Whether looking for living room or bathroom decor, don’t overlook wallpaper. Too many people avoid wallpaper because of the perceived amount of work that goes into hanging it. With newer technologies and tools, it is easier than ever to hang the material, and with pattern and texture uses, it is more beautiful than ever.

You can go bold with your bathroom wallpaper choices. However, you will want to ensure the material and style can handle the humid environment. Talk to a design associate to learn more about this versatile material.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Texture

There is something to be said for clean lines and planes, but you don’t have to stick to them. Many people assume that modern design does not contain texture, but that is not true. You can and should use textures in any design to create points of interest.

Some ways to bring in texture without distracting from an otherwise minimalist theme are with fabrics and decor. Use a chunky woven blanket on the sofa. Choose rustic wood sculptures or minimalist canvas prints.

4. Make Areas Inviting With Rugs

Rugs can provide much-needed warmth to a big or small space, especially those with wood, vinyl, laminate, or concrete flooring. The style rug is open to any design style. You can even select bold rugs that may seem a bit out of place in thought but not in reality. For example,  a modern room with soft tones and minimal textures could use a lush print rug with striking images, colors, or patterns.Your guest house is an extension of your home, and as such, it should receive the same level of care and planning. Whether you steal elements from the dining room wallpaper or carry an overarching theme throughout both structures, take pride in your guest house and home. If you need help with planning or designing, contact a local interior design shop.


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