When it comes to rewarding and recognising your employees, an effective employee rewards programme will surely help to boost the morale of your employees, improving their happiness and productivity in the workplace. 

In turn, employees are more likely to stay with your company if they feel that their employee perks are valuable and tailored to their needs. Not only can this help retain employees, but it may also attract potential employees to your company as well. 

So, what type of employee perks are most likely to boost your employees’ morale?

Let’s explore. 

Free Food and Coffee

Offering your employees free food and drinks is definitely one of the best ways to boost their morale. Especially during periods where your employees are extremely busy, for example during a big project, encouraging them to take small breaks to eat and drink is ideal in ensuring that their motivation and concentration does not decrease. Implementing a free snack bar or coffee and tea stall within the workplace is an employee perk that is worth considering. Alternatively, offering free lunch meals in the cafeteria may also be another method in which you can incorporate free food and drinks.

Volunteer Opportunities 

One perk that can sometimes be overlooked is providing employees with the opportunity to volunteer during work hours. This can be once or twice a month, enabling employees to do some charity work or other. For example, helping out at a charity event or a charity store, or even volunteering at homeless or animal shelters. Volunteering can not only boost their morale, but it can also help them improve their empathy levels and teamwork skills. Additionally, it can be a rewarding experience and small break away from work.

Employer-funded healthcare 

Employer-funded healthcare is an employee benefit that is commonly sought after by over 80% of employees aged 42+ years. However, this does not mean that the majority of your workforce should be around this age for you to incorporate this type of employee perk. Private healthcare that is funded by the employer is a valuable employee benefit in today’s age where the public healthcare sector appears to be struggling tremendously. Prioritise your employees health, boosting their morale in the process, with employer-funded healthcare. Don’t forget that you can also include dental or vision packages with this. 

Employee Discounts

In today’s cost-of-living crisis, it is imperative that employees are finding ways to ensure the financial stability and financial wellbeing of their employees. Doing so will likely help boost the morale of their employees. One way in which employers can do this is by introducing perks for employees such as access to exclusive discounts or vouchers. Whether that is through discounts on clothing stores, restaurants, or supermarkets, your employees will surely appreciate saving money in the long run. 

Boosting Morale with Employee Perks

As you can see, there are a few ways in which you are able to boost your employees’ morale using employee perks as mentioned above. Although the examples above are not an exhaustive list of the different types of employee perks, they do provide an insight into how you can incorporate them into your workplace. 


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