The guide provides information about the latest NFL edition of the Weddle Wordle Game puzzle game.

Do you enjoy taking part in NFL sports online? If yes then you’ll love playing the new game Weddle. The game is described by many as being the NFL variant of the Wordle puzzle game Weddle is a brand new puzzle game which shares with the names of former safeties Eric Weddle.

It’s an NFL variant of the word game, where players are given eight chances to identify the football player that is in the center of the box. Following its launch, many players from Australia, Canada, United States, Canada, Australia, and the United States were attracted by this game. Wordle Game. Wordle Game.

What exactly is Weddle Game?

Weddle is the latest NFL variant of the well-known game of puzzles, Wordle. The world-renowned NFL football team, NFL is the inspiration for this puzzle. It is a no-cost guessing puzzle created by Josh Wardle in 2022.

In contrast to the well-known word-puzzle games, Weddle Game involves unique game play where players are required to determine the name of famous NFL players over the course of eight attempts. When they have guessed correctly, they’re required to identify the number of jerseys the position age, height division, as well as the team.

The yellow boxes show the degree of accuracy you have to the correct answer, and the green boxes indicate that you are correct in your prediction.

Game Rules of Weddle Game Wordle!

The rules for this game are simple to comprehend. Here is a guidelines players must to observe when playing Weddle.

  • Players have to fill in these boxes by writing the name of the footballer.
  • If you can guess the right word, the box change color to green.
  • If your guesses are incorrect the box will turn red. If you’re near to the correct answer the boxes will change yellow
  • Each player has 8 chances to figure out the right answer. Participants are only allowed to participate in The The Weddle Wordle Game once in 24 hours.

These are the rules players must be aware of when taking part in the game of word guessing game.

The Gameplay!

Weddle Game isn’t an easy or difficult puzzle game. Instead, you need to adhere to a set of rules and your expertise to figure out the right answers.

  • The game starts with making a guess at what the player’s name is. NFL player.
  • In 8 attempts you must determine the correct name of the player. If you succeed, you can unlock additional tests within the the Wordle Game Weddle
  • The red boxes indicate that you are wrong The yellow boxes indicate that you are close to the answer and green boxes indicate that the answer is correct.

If you’re an avoid NFL streamer, absolutely there is no reason to stop you from growing your streaks of scoring. It is possible to play every 24 hours, and increase your winning streak simply by guessing the right answer.


Weddle is the NFL version of the game puzzle Wordle. There is however an additional twist to the game in which players are required to determine which names are of NFL players, not an actual word to be able to win.

A large number of players are enjoying this Weddle Wordle Game with enthusiasm and are improving your winnings streak. It tests your abilities and know-how when playing NFL games. It’s completely cost-free to play, and you are able to play it every single day for 24 hours.

Are you aware of any information you would like to share regarding the game? Send it to the comments section.


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