In the age of obsessive food and drink, quality of life conscious customers prefer food and drinks with elaborate decorations, so these types of food and drinks with decorations will be a big trend in the future. Because in some ways, appearance is the power to attract traffic and patronage, which can improve people’s dining experience. So by the same token, choosing the right garnish is a key factor in whether or not a cocktail is attractive, and this article will introduce you to a few of the better cocktail garnishes that can help your cocktail catch the eye of others.

Why GarnishCocktails

By the way, to make cocktail, you need Mixology Bartender Kit. Decorating a cocktail is the finishing touch, garnishes can add visual appeal as well as subtle aromatic flavors to a cocktail, and all of these subtle little elements can help take the cocktail you make from ordinary to upscale and exquisite. So don’t underestimate how these subtle elements, although seemingly insignificant, can become crucial in the way they are presented in a cocktail. When drinks are carefully crafted and prepared with the effective accent of garnishes, all sensory experiences become different. In addition, meaningful garnishes can enhance the drinking experience for a cocktail and also help to market the drink to the masses. 

Types of Cocktail Garnishes

There are various types of cocktail garnishes: twists, fruit, leaves, flowers, and more.

The twist and other citrus peel garnishes

Twists are used to add citrus peel oil to drinks, not just to add aroma and appeal to the cocktail. Because citrus peels are relatively simple and common, a twist or sharp knife can be used to gently peel off a piece of citrus peel, fold the edges inward, with the peel facing outward, and you will see a spray of citrus oil coming out of the peel that greatly enhances the flavor of the cocktail and also reduces the sweetness of the liqueur, which is very noticeable.

Fruit Garnish

When it comes to garnishes such as the aforementioned citrus peel or other fruit peels, that sweet smell can make you want to take a sip, but why not try garnishing your drink with fruit? Fresh watermelon or cherries, for example, are excellent fruits to garnish cocktails. Here are some fruits you can use to decorate your cocktail.

Citrus slices

Cocktail cherries

Pineapple chunks

Melon slices or melon balls

Passion fruit

Shredded cucumber

Chunks of coconut meat

Fan-shaped apples, pears or peaches

Berry skewers

Dried fruit (apricots)

Leaf Garnish

When it comes to leaf garnishes, the best leaf choice is fresh mint leaves. The essence of green leaves is to add visual appeal to cocktails, making them look fresher and cooler. And the best leaf garnish of this kind is mint, which can add more coolness and flavor to cocktails. Here are some great leaf garnish options.






Lignum vitae

Pineapple Leaf

Linden leaves

Hibiscus leaves

Amaranth leaves

Edible Fower Garnish

We should always see a lot of sun food photos on the Internet are not lack of flowers and green leaves decoration, but what you do not know is that some flowers cannot be used on food. Some flowers may look beautiful, but in fact it is not only inedible, but also can not be in contact with food, some contact will produce allergies or poisoning, so before decorating food and drinks with flowers, you need to know in advance which flowers can be edible or can be in contact with food. There are also many ways to get edible flowers, you can order them online, go to a physical market and buy them, or you can grow them yourself for more peace of mind. The following are some of the decorative flowers that are edible.








Flowers of herbs such as mint or rosemary

These are just a few of the better cocktail garnishes, and if you need an exquisite Bar Tools to help you make cocktails, you can buy it at at the most affordable price.


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