When you have applied for a driving licence, it is natural that you would always want to know how the application that you have submitted is progressing. To see the status of your application, you first need to know where to look. If you are eagerly awaiting a new driving licence or a driving licence renewal, here’s how you can check the status of your application. 

When should you verify your driving licence application status?

Some deadlines must be met when applicants first begin the application procedure for driving licences. Candidates need to be aware that after submitting the required paperwork, they must select a day to take the driving test. Once the candidate clears the test, the RTO starts processing the (DL) driving licence.

The RTO urges applicants not to monitor their licence’s status till then as no data is uploaded. This procedure typically takes a couple of weeks. Post that, the RTO sends the licence after two weeks, and the data is uploaded to the system. After those first 2 weeks and until the licence is physically sent to the applicant’s registered postal address, applicants can monitor the status of their licences. 

The candidate often has to wait around thirty days from the test date before receiving their driving licence. However, there can be delays in the accreditation or delivery sometimes. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the licence status. 

To drive a vehicle in India, it is mandated that you have a driving licence. The vehicles that require a driving licence for operation are listed below: 

  • Geared and Non-geared two-wheeler vehicles
  • Geared and automatic four-wheelers
  • All types of transport vehicles
  • All types of commercial vehicles

Who may submit a licensing application?

Anyone familiar with the laws governing traffic and transportation in India can apply for a driving licence. The following is a list of some of the key points:

  • Only those who previously held a learner’s permit may apply for their permanent driving licence. This learner’s permit has a set expiration date, and the bearer is required to spend that time perfecting their driving skills.
  • The learner’s permit is often only good for use in the state where it was issued. A permanent driver’s licence is accepted everywhere in the nation.
  • In India, the minimum age to obtain a driving licence is 16 years old for two-wheelers and 18 years old for four-wheelers.
  • Anyone who is physically capable, regardless of sex, caste, or educational background, may apply for a driving licence.
  • The legal minimum age to apply for a commercial licence is 20 years old.

What details should you have before verifying your driving licence application status?

To check the standing of your driving licence, you need an application number. You can find the application number when you complete the driving licence application form. Other names for this number include “Reference Number” and “Token Number.” You will also need the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and the location where the driver’s licence was issued in addition to the application number.

Things to know about the driving licence application status:

For everyone who has a car/bike, owning a valid driver’s licence is crucial, and anyone who wants to drive should prioritise getting one. The following information on a driving licence application status is interesting:

  • From the day you have applied for the licence till delivery, a driving licence takes roughly 30 days. Given the possibility of delays, it’s critical to keep track and be patient.
  • Through their official webpage, the Government of India and RTOs all around the nation make it simpler to check the status of a driving licence.
  • Before applying for an enduring licence, you must first hold a learner’s licence.
  • All driver’s licence have expiration dates, so it’s critical to keep track of them and renew them before the deadline.
  • In case your original driving licence is ripped, lost, or gets stolen or misplaced, you can easily reapply for a new one online on the respective website.
  • A permanent driver’s licence can be renewed after 20 years since it was first issued / when the bearer turns 50 years old. A new licence is issued to replace the expired one, either right away or a few weeks later.
  • If you do not receive your licence in the mentioned time frame, you must track your licence status on the official portal continuously.
  • You should keep your application number handy to check on the web portal when necessary.
  • When requesting a driving licence, always include the appropriate paperwork and provide accurate information, including your name, date of birth, and state.
  • Wait a few weeks before you check the driving licence status online because delivery takes at least two to three weeks.
  • The status check screen’s information can be printed out and saved for future use.


Getting a licence and operating a vehicle is the perfect way to realise the desire to own a car. Now that you know what all you need and where you can review the status of your driving licence application, you don’t need to worry about what happened to it. You can proceed, check and obtain your licence, and drive safely.


  1. Who in India is responsible for issuing all driving licences?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issues driving licences after receiving approval from numerous RTOs across the nation. Your driving licence is only issued, renewed, and subject to any significant changes by the RTAs or RTOs.

  1. Are there any charges applied for checking the driving licence application status?

Checking the status of your driving licence is free.

  1. What time frame would there be to renew my driver’s licence once it has expired?

Generally, 30 days after the licence expiration date.


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