LIC is the largest life insurer company in India. LIC has more than 120 million policyholders, including 3 million individual and group insurance policies. 

LIC is a listed company that is the largest life insurance company in India. The firm provides a range of life insurance policies. This article will talk about the LIC IPO date in 2022. It will also tell you about the LIC IPO details, the LIC IPO factors, the LIC IPO list, and the history. 

So, to start with the topic, let us first have a background. The government has been planning the public offering for more than two years now, and finally, the day of IPO launch is declared. The LIC IPO date is 11 March 2022. The IPO application process will start on March 11, 2022, and will end on 14 March, 2022. The allotment date of the IPO is yet to be announced. 

According to the reports, the IPO will be listed before 31 March 2022.

Do You Think the LIC IPO is Important for the Government of India?

No Initial Public Offering in Indian history is ever announced in a budget meeting of the nation. The Life insurance corporation of India has started to break the records from its announcement itself. Why wouldn’t it be important for the government? The government is expecting to raise more than one lakh crore from the public offering by selling 5% stakes of the corporation to the public. 

Every entity working on the IPO makes sure the firm tastes the flavor of success. The government is encouraging and considering the involvement of foreign investors. The LIC disinvestments will end by 31st March 2022, as the opening is announced, and all the procedures are almost done. The firm has received a nod from the red herring prospectus with SEBI (India Securities and Exchange Board). 

The IPO of a life insurance corporation will help the government uplift the country’s economy, which has been hit severely by the covid 19 pandemic, by raising capital from markets. That is why the public offering is important for the government. Undoubtedly, the market will be affected as a big amount of money will be taken by the firm.

Who is SEBI?

SEBI is a short form for the Securities and Exchange Board of India. It is the market regulator for securities transactions. 

It came into existence on 1 June 1987. SEBI is a Government of India statutory body created under the SEBI Act,1992, to carry out the objectives of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act,1992. The regulatory body is an apex body of securities and exchange boards. It is responsible for the supervision and regulation of securities and exchange boards.

Who Can Apply for the LIC IPO on 11 March 2022?

Anyone with a Demat account and PAN card can apply for the public offering of the Life Insurance Corporation. A PAN card and a Demat account are the basic yet the most important thing in applying for an IPO. However, the Unified Payments Interface ID has become of new importance in the stock market world. The shift of the paper trade market to the digital world has also shifted the payment option.

The UPI is the digital payment method used to pay for the IPO and other trading procedures. LIC, a life insurance company, has reservations for its policyholders, and just like every other firm, it also has reservations for its employees. The policyholders can apply for the IPO by linking their policies to their PAN number before 28 February 2022. The policyholder will be counted as a retail investor if they do not link the policies to their PAN card.  

Important Notes for the PolicyHolders

  • The policyholders and the employees of the life insurer will get a discount over the IPOs floor price. The government has yet not disclosed the discount amount for the offering. 5% discount of the floor price gets offered to the employees and 10% to the policyholders.
  • The policyholders whose policies are now lapsed can also participate under the reservation of the IPO with the condition which states: the policies which have not been surrendered by way maturity or by the cause of death of the beholder will be eligible for the Policyholder Reservation Portion’s reservation. 
  • There are people who have policies in LIC and have a joint account with someone. They can also apply with the same account for IPO. But they need to make sure the account and policy are linked with a PAN number and have the same names.


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