AA Meetings

Many people think an alcoholic can never recover. That’s not true. No matter what stage of alcoholism you are in, you can always make a U-turn, if you want to. Experts warn you to take this turn as soon as possible before alcohol causes some permanent damage to your body organs. (read their alcohol monitoring review)

So how do you become sober after being an alcoholic for decades? 

Alcoholics Anonymous is a good choice. Successfully helping alcoholics become sober for more than 80 years, this global fellowship has become synonymous with de-addiction from alcohol. 

AA meetings in Iowa and other places help people open up about their alcohol problems, emotional problems, social problems, and whatever else is bothering them in the lives that trigger them to reach for that drink. 

As you admit your powerlessness over alcohol, your transformation begins. 

That’s why the basic criterion for attending meetings is the desire to quit drinking. 

When you realize it’s too much and you want to change…

When you become aware that you are, no longer, drinking as per your wish, but due to compulsion…

Then you are in for a change. 

That’s when you admit that you have become powerless in front of alcohol. 

Once you admit your addiction, you open doors to transformation. 

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous help you transform, provided you complete each step with dedication. 

What next after admitting?

After admitting, you must start believing in a Higher Power or Intelligence or God or whatever you wish to call. The steps indicate no particular religion. They are for all people on Earth. 

Belief in yourselves and in God (or Higher Power) is important for the successful completion of all the steps in your meetings.  

You must turn towards God for care and assistance. 

Then comes the step of creating a moral inventory for yourself. 

Once you do this, you admit to God, to your own self, and to the other person the wrongs you did. Then you request and believe that God would help you remove these wrongs from your character. 

Now comes the toughest step:

You must make a list of all the people you hurt during your alcoholism days and decide to make amends to them, unless it may cause more harm. 

Many people find this step the hardest one. It is not always easy to say ‘sorry.’ Also, you may not know whether the other person may accept your apology and make amends with you. 

However, you cannot skip this step. In fact, you cannot skip any of the steps in your local AA meetings. It is mandatory to complete all of them. You can take your time or pause in between steps, but you must do them all. 

Completion of all steps brings an amazing transformation in people.

Don’t forget to use the Sobriety Calculator designed to help people keep an accurate count of their sober days. 

The whole recovery procedure takes time. So be patient. As it is said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” time to take the first step – join a meeting near you. 

For more information about the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA, visit https://www.aa-meetings.com/12-traditions-of-alcoholics-anonymous/. 


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