Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, we are living in a digital age and every single business and organisation should be striving to create and develop a strong online profile. Gone are the days when you can overlook setting up a company website, without which you have zero credibility. Imagine how a potential customer feels when they ask for your web URL and are told that you ‘don’t have one’. 

Digital Marketing Plan

Not only must you have your own digital platform, you also need a dynamic digital marketing plan that is designed to engage users and drive traffic to your landing page. If business hasn’t been good of late, perhaps it is time to engage the services of a leading digital marketing agency; once you make contact with such an agency, they will carry out a digital profile assessment to determine the strength of your online presence, which is a totally free service. The plan would likely include search engine optimization and social media marketing, while detailing exactly how the target audience will be reached.

Search Engine Optimization

Known in the trade as SEO, this is a service that boosts the rankings of a website within specific Google search terms and due to the ever-changing nature of the web, all SEO services should be ongoing. If, for example, your website is currently on page 3 of Google’s search results, next week it could be on page 10 or lower; the smart business owner sets aside a monthly budget for SEO services. There are several strategies an agency can use to help Google recognize a target website; keyword insertion and link-building are just a couple of examples. The holy grail is obviously the very first page of search results and this is definitely achievable, even though it might take a few months or even longer and when you consider that millions of online consumers use Google to source products and services, it makes sense to have SEO work carried out.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful digital marketing strategies, social media marketing can generate a large Facebook and Twitter following and with an award-winning digital marketing agency in your corner, daily posting of rich and engaging content leads to a large following. You can create short video clips to introduce your team and new products then they are launched, which is something the social media marketing team can handle. If you are into art, here are a few ways digital artists can make money online.

Link-Building Services

Google recognizes valid links; outbound, inbound and internal links score points with Google’s complex algorithms and a leading digital marketing agency would offer link-building services. Putting inbound links onto the web is a great way to drive traffic to your landing page and the more you create, the higher the volume of traffic you will see. Google can penalise you for broken links, so do check them often and fix any invalid links.

Google Ads

This is a very effective form of pay per click advertising and in the right hands, Google Ads is a very powerful marketing strategy. It is rather complex and we don’t recommend managing your own campaign, rather call in a leading digital marketing agency, who have the skills and resources to create a winning campaign. You can have your ad placed right next to the very first search results, which is probably the best location to place an online ad. Of course, it is vital that you carry out keyword research prior to starting your Google Ads campaign, which is why you should engage the services of an award-winning digital marketing agency. There are a few platforms that you can place your content on, helping you to reach the right people.

Tailored to Suit the Client

While a digital marketing agency uses many strategies and techniques to boost a company’s profile, they tailor their services to suit the client. Regardless of your industry, the agency can create an aggressive digital marketing plan that will deliver the desired results, driving organic traffic to your landing page.

Free Digital Profile Assessment

If you would like to discover what professional marketers think of your online profile, simply make contact online with an established digital marketing agency and they would be happy to carry out a free digital profile assessment. This enables the team to put together an aggressive digital marketing plan and should you approve that plan, work can begin. The team monitors performance and are able to tweak the campaign according to the feedback, which ensures maximum return on your investment.

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