How Digital Marketing Creates Brand Awareness

What’s brand awareness?

Brand awareness, in simple words, is all about how well-aware your target audience is of your brand. Do they know about your product? Do they buy it? Are people talking about it? Is it trending or famous among your target audience?

Why is brand awareness a big deal?

Many organisations have made brand awareness strategies an integral part of their businesses in the early stages. It is a part of digital marketing where you are focussed on promoting your company or brand. If you hit Instagram or any other social media channels, you will surely come across many products being sponsored through celebrity collaboration. Social media has introduced a new approach to marketing called “influencer marketing”. Influencers have a major impact on the users’ decisions. Companies get in touch with YouTubers to promote their product by offering a certain percentage of discounts or any other benefit to the buyers. They have the power to influence your purchasing decisions. This is one of the popular and common ways to promote your brand.

Brand awareness builds trust

Let’s agree that we live in a small world now which is dominated by the internet. It is so convenient to reach millions of people and make them purchase your product. Once a consumer likes your product, there is no looking back. For sure, they’ll show their loyalty through repetitive purchases. Once you establish credibility, consumers automatically start trusting your brand and reach out to give feedback. If the brand has a great team for brand awareness (which you can find on UpTecHunt), they will make sure to work on the feedback to improve the product. That’s the way to go! Consumers love to be listened to. Half the battle is won as you have earned a loyal consumer who will generate more leads for you through reviews or word of mouth. 

As a brand, don’t you need that?

Brand equity

Higher the popularity of the product, the higher the brand equity. For instance, Apple has high brand equity. Despite launching similar products, Apple consumers look forward to the newly launched product and make a purchase. Having positive brand equity will bring a lot of value to the brand. You grow your stock price, business expansion and increased popularity. 

Don’t you want the consumers to think of your brand first?

Hence, building trust and positive brand equity will make your product or brand more perceivable leading to a successful business.

The further question is how digital marketing can be an enabler to creating brand awareness.

Let’s elaborate on the previously discussed point about influencer marketing. Many small businesses have gained popularity or attention through influencer marketing. 

It includes:

  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Sponsored videos
  • Youtube ads
  • Collaboration with influencers
    • These influencers could be celebrities, dermatologists recommending certain products, bloggers, vloggers or anyone credible source on a digital platform

For example, a smart way could also be inviting an influencer to the newly launched store and interviewing them. Digital marketing for brand awareness could be tricky and challenging as the team needs to come up with creative ways of promoting the product. Don’t worry, UpTecHunt can help you build a highly-skilled team for your brand awareness.

Moving on, another way to build brand awareness marketing is through storytelling.

We, humans, love stories. Storytelling is an art and a powerful way to market your brand. The reason is simple: people immediately connect and pay attention to good stories. Then why not create a narrative and present it to the audience? 

Some ideas:

Tell people the idea behind your product

Tell them about you and what made you start the business

Tell them your vision

Tell them your struggles 

Think through and connect to your audience through storytelling.

Have you thought of talking to your audience?

Social media is not just about promoting your product for brand awareness. It is more than that. Ask them questions, like their comments, reshare their posts or reply to their comments. That’s how they think you’re real and take them seriously instead of just a business wanting to make money. Do live sessions with them. Initially, maybe you have less visibility. Gradually, you’ll see growth in numbers if you are consistent.

There are many other ways like having an interesting slogan, logo or innovative advertisements. So many ways!!

Brands that have become popular or are becoming popular have a well-designed brand awareness strategy through digital marketing. If you start today, tomorrow will be your day!