Swimming is a good way to spend your leisure time while still exercising your body. It is a basic life skill that is worth learning regardless of your age. So, if you never had the chance to learn to swim as a child, you can still learn it as an adult. But people often ask, how long does it take adults to learn to swim?

Just like learning any other skill, learning to swim takes time. Not only that, but it also takes patience and lots of practice. So, if you’re interested in learning to swim as an adult, keep reading as we will be discussing ways of learning swimming for adults here.

How long Does it Take an Adult to Learn to Swim

The truth is, it is difficult to predict how much time it takes for adults to learn how to swim. This is because individuals vary and have different learning capacities. There are also other factors that affect how fast a person can learn how to swim.

Based on this, it can take between a couple of weeks to a few months for an adult to learn the basics of swimming and gain full mastery.

Factors That Can Affect How Long It Takes For Adults to Learn How to Swim 

Every prospective swimmer has a unique journey when it comes to learning how to swim. However, these four factors can affect the learning process, either by slowing it down or by increasing it.

Fear of Water 

Some people are highly hydrophobic. So, getting into a pool can be a big deal to them. This may lengthen the learning process as they may take time to get used to the water before learning the actual process of swimming.

Consistency & Frequency

Learning new skills takes time, but being consistent at learning always gives an edge. Consistent pool visits and lessons would help you learn better and faster. Also, the more lessons you get, the better you become. You would naturally learn faster if you took three lessons per week rather than once a week.

Motor Skills 

Swimming is a sport, and it is easier for a sporty person to learn the skill than someone who is not naturally interested in sports.

Quality of Instruction 

A good teacher always makes a good student. A good swimming instructor is paramount to how long it takes for you to learn swimming. With their knowledge, experience, and expertise, you’re sure to learn the fundamentals in no time.

Tips to Help You Learn Swimming Quickly

Start In The Shallow End Of The Pool 

If you’ve never been in a pool before, it’s better and safer to start at the shallow end of the pool. This would give you more flexibility and better control of the water and your body movements. You would be able to stand or move within your comfort without anxiety or fear of drowning, hence, overcoming your fear of water.

Spend More Time In The Pool

Spending more time in the pool helps you to get accustomed to water, especially if you have a fear of water. This would help you build confidence and mastery in swimming.

Practice Keeping Your Face Under-water 

One of the challenges people face when learning how to swim is putting their heads underwater. For some, this can cause anxiety and a feeling of discomfort. Regardless, most swimming techniques require you to keep your head underwater occasionally. Putting conscious effort into this area would help you become better at swimming.

Use Goggles 

Wearing goggles makes it easier to see and stay underwater longer. It also prevents pool water from getting into your eyes, making swimming more comfortable and enjoyable.

Enroll Into Swimming Lessons 

The fastest way to learn swimming is to be coached by someone with the skill and experience. They would teach you all you need to know, from the basics to different stroke techniques and good swimming practices.

Practice Often

Beyond your swimming lessons, you should practice on your own during your free time. Constant practice helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to improve on and what to pay attention to.

Everyone is unique when it comes to learning new skills. For swimming, some may find it natural, while others may consider it scary. There will always be individual differences, and that’s what makes it unique. There is no specific timeframe for learning– whether it takes you a few weeks or months. With constant practice, dedication, consistency, and the right attitude, anybody can learn how to swim.


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