This article contains information about Encanto. It also answers the most popular question, How Old Are Encanto’s Characters?

That’s right! What’s the article about? It’s all about the age information for all Walt’s characters. What’s this animation about? Many viewers were left with questions after seeing the current Barbie wearing glasses. Everyone wants to know the age of these characters.

This article will provide more information about How Old Are the Characters in Encanto. Scroll down to see the ages of these characters.

Learn more about the Encanto

It is a comedy animation that Disney launched under the name Encanto. It’s a musical series that has a hint of humor. Mirabel Madrigal is the main character in this animated series. Her family has a blessing of magical powers.

The family of the main character is a magician family. Each member of her family gave her some magic when she was born.

The story revolves around the question: What age are Encanto’s characters?

What is the reaction of viewers to this animation?

In the November 2021, the base of the series was shown to viewers. Then, the reactions of the viewers were to the vision.

They first talked so much about the series online, but then they began to admire the series.

The plot was presented well and viewers were impressed. However, viewers cannot tell the age differences between characters because they are all looking at the same age.

Let’s talk briefly about the age of our character.

What is the age of Encanto’s characters?

Below is the age limit for characters in Encanto.

Mirabel and Camilo have 15 years of age.

Pepa and Bruno, Felix, Augustin, Felix, Julieta, and Felix are all 50 years old.

The Abuela Alma has been around for 75 years.

Luisa is 19 Years Old.

Antonio is five years old.

Isabela and Dolores have 21 years of age.

We can also say that the age of the characters cannot be determined from their trailors. However, if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll be able to answer the question: How Old are the Characters in Encanto?

Other Information regarding Age query

Viewers might think Isabela and Dolores may be the oldest of all the children. You are correct. They are the oldest children in the series.

They are only one month apart in age. They have extraordinary and unique magical abilities that are not shared by all children.

The final statement

We can conclude that Encanto has an incredible storyline. This is why the audience is so intrigued that they want to know the answer to the question: How old are the characters in Encanto?

As such, the ages of all characters have been listed above. Do you have the same curiosity? Did you see the movie?


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