Diwali or Deepawali, an ancient-rooted Indian festival, is celebrated widely across the country to celebrate the light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The auspicious festival of Diwali is the most-awaited occasion of the Hindu calendar. The festival is celebrated with family and friends coming together, enjoying savoury snacks and delightful sweets, decorating the home, and praying to the gods, including Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. 

People decorate their homes with lights, diyas, rangoli, and other decorative materials. The celebration is marked by people, no matter the religion, coming together and embracing each other in harmony. The festival of lights is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Lord Rama with his wife, Goddess Sita, and brother Lakshmana after fourteen years of exile, during which they faced a lot of challenges, including the abduction of Goddess Sita. The date of this holy festival is based on the Hindu calendar and usually falls in the Kartik month. 

In modern times, surely the way of celebrating the pious festival has changed. In this guide, let’s talk about the ways to celebrate the festival to amplify the traditional celebration.  Scroll down to know the ways of celebrating and significance. 

Spruce Up the Place

Diwali celebration is incomplete without cleaning your home. People start cleansing their homes or cleaning days before the festival. The significance of this activity is to remove the negativity from the house. The more your house is clean, the more you will feel lively and celebrate enthusiastically. Cleaning indeed is not fun, but it can be. You can volume up some music, create some fun moments with your family, and clean the whole house. 


The festival of lights is incomplete without decorations. After cleaning the home, the next thing is to decorate it with different decorative materials such as chandeliers, LED lights, candle holders, frills, and so much more. You can also use Toran on the doors and Shubh Deepawali stickers.  Look for the best decorative materials and get the ones that compliment your home interiors. Spruce up your interiors with colourful decorations, and enjoy the festival of goodness in a lively manner. 

Make a Rangoli

Indian festivals are vibrantly coloured in so many ways, and Diwali tops the list. The festival is not complete without a colourful Rangoli. You can make beautiful designs, such as Mor Pankh, Ganesha, Swastik, Om, Mandalas, Flowers, or any other abstract pattern. You can get inspiration from various designs available online. Colourful sand, flowers, Turmeric, flour, rice, and other things are used to make alluring designs of Rangoli. It symbolises the positivity and liveliness of any household; also made to welcome the Goddess of wealth.

Light it Up!

Diwali is all about the triumph of light over darkness, which will be incomplete without a gleam of light. You will find many artificial lights, but the festival is best enhanced with earthen diyas lit up traditionally using mustard oil and cotton. The meaning of Deepawali is Diyo ki Awali which means queue of light. The traditional handmade earthen diyas look conventional and organic; best to gleam up the surroundings. You can also paint them with beautiful designs or ask the kids to paint them. It will be a perfect engaging activity for the kids during the preparations. 

Pray in a Traditional Way

Diwali Pujan is done in the evening with people worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddes Laxmi. They put offerings of various Diwali sweets and traditional Bhog and get blessings. People visit their families and gift hampers of different delicacies to celebrate the holy occasion with love. 


Ditch the crackers. There are tons of so-called eco-friendly Diwali crackers available in the market, but this is just a marketing gimmick. They harm the environment, your eyes, and lungs and are hazardous for babies and stray animals. The loud noise and smoke dangers beautiful nature in unimaginable ways. Diwali is all about blissfully celebrating with friends and family, and crackers ruin everything.

This Diwali, celebrate the festival in a memorable way with your near and dear ones. Eat delicious Diwali sweets, decorate the home, and make blissful memories to cherish for eternity. Shubh Diwali!