To generate decent traffic to your blog, you need to use search engine optimization. It is a technique that will help you generate organic traffic on your blog and will ensure that your blog ranks higher on the search results. However, you might not be aware of the steps involved in creating an SEO-friendly blog. Well, in that case, the following tips will come in handy for you. 

Make A Rough Structure In Your Mind

Before you start working on your blog, it is good to first make a rough structure in your mind. It will save you a lot of time and effort. You only need to make a rough structure of the blog that you want to publish on your website. Also, think of the placement of keywords and links that you want to add. If you have any topic in your mind, you must ensure to check a few things in it. See what topics you want to cover in the blog, what is your goal for the post, and how is it going to benefit the readers. Once you get the solution to these things, you will be able to create good SEO-friendly content. 

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the most important thing in the blog. If the right keyword is used in the right place, it helps the website to rank higher in Google searches. Keywords should not be stuffed unnecessarily. Try using keywords in a natural way. You must do proper research for a good keyword. There are different types of keywords such as long tail keywords, short tail keywords, product defining keywords, etc. 

So, before you choose any keywords, ensure that you know the volume of traffic generated by that keyword. Moreover, try to use keywords in the meta title, meta description, headings, within the content of the blog, and in the conclusion. However, you can try different tools that offer you keywords relevant to your blog. And if you dont know how to use keywords in a better way use the best free website traffic generator on the internet for your website. 

Incorporate Links

Linking your blog with other websites’ posts can be highly efficient only if the other website is authoritative and reputed. External linking increases the range of your viewers and it also expands the knowledge that you are providing. It also appears convincing to the readers and builds trust with your readers. While writing the blog, you must make use of header tags such as H2, and H3, as this optimizes the structure and helps the reader to understand in a much better way. 

You can also link internally as it helps you to create a sitemap on your website. This way, it increases your website’s credibility and readability. It also holds the users on your page for a  longer duration and decreases the bounce rate by increasing the chances of conversion. You must try a backlink strategy for your website. Each webpage that uses your link will increase the ranking of your blog in the search engine result. 

Optimize The Meta Title And Meta Description

Optimization of meta titles and descriptions is as important as incorporating backlinks, and internal and external links. To optimize the title, you must write the meta title to the point and within 60 characters. It must not include any bluff or unnecessary information. Try to include the correct and crisped point of the blog. 

Moreover, to optimize the meta description tag, you must keep the description within 160 characters. The meta description is highly important as Google distills the blog by the description only. Remember to include one keyword in your meta description in order to optimize it. So, if the description is informative, interesting, and engaging Google will list it first in its search results. This way, you will create an SEO-rich blog, and you will see your page ranking high in the Google search results. 

Optimize Graphic On Your Website

To make your website rank higher in the search result and to increase the traffic to your site, you must make use of different images, videos, graphs, statistics, and other elements. These things make a website much more interesting and hold the readers for a longer duration. It also helps the users to understand easily and significantly increases the readability score of the blog. So, it is good to give more focus to the graphic part of your website, as it attracts users and drives more and more traffic to your site. 

To optimize your graphics, you must add URLs and Alt Text to make it more interesting. Also, do not leave the entire section black after writing the Alt Text, add some captions to the image. You must also keep the image size small so that it does not slow down your page. 


So these were some of the ways you can optimize your blog and increase traffic to your website. We hope these methods help you achieve your traffic generation goals. 


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