How to Grow Instagram

Businesses are successfully using Facebook to promote their products and services. Since more businesses are successful on Facebook, they now want to use Instagram for marketing. Instagram is more popular with young people. 90% of Instagram users are under 35 years old. And Instagram gets around 300M active users every day. 

It is, therefore, beneficial for any business to use Instagram promotion for marketing. It is, however, more important to grow your Instagram followers. If you do not have followers on Instagram, then you are less likely to get more traffic to your website or increase your sales. Increasing your Instagram followers can increase your reach and traffic to your website. 

Here is how to get more followers on Instagram: 

Upload New Content Regularly 

Once you create your Instagram account, you can now focus on posting new content regularly. If you can consistently post new content, you will get more followers. According to data from Buffer, successful Instagram accounts post nHow to ew content frequently. 

It is, therefore, necessary to create new content regularly. Do not just post poor-quality content. Focus on producing high-quality content. It is also helpful to use tools, such as Schedugram and Latergramme, to schedule your posts. 

Use Hashtag 

It is imperative for Instagram users and businesses to use hashtags. Hashtags can increase your exposure and get you more followers. They can also help you grow your Instagram account quickly. According to studies, the average engagement of posts with one or more hashtags is 12.6% more than the average engagement of posts without hashtags. 

And according to a study from TrackMaven, posts with eleven or more hashtags have the highest interactions on Instagram. You can only use 30 hashtags per post. It is, therefore, beneficial to use hashtags to promote your posts. But you have to pick the right hashtags for your posts.  

Share User Generated Content (UGC) and Build Community

You can share User Generated Content (UGC) on your Instagram account. Interacting with your customers can help you grow your Instagram account. If you interact with your customers, you can get UGC. 

In addition, interacting with your customers can help create branded hashtags, such as #____Community and #____Stories. You can use these branded hashtags to build your community. It, however, takes time and effort to build a community and share UGC. 

Ask Your Followers to Tag their Friends 

Businesses have successfully used the campaigns of tagging people on Facebook. It can also work well on Instagram. If your followers can tag their friends, your content will reach a wider audience. In fact, your content may reach your target audience. 

If your followers love your content or are interested in your niche, then their friends might be interested in your brand too. It is easy to convert some of them into real customers. They can even share your content to get you more followers. 

Host Photo Competitions

It is hard for people to resist photo competitions, especially if there are incentives. People love photo competitions because they are fun and exciting. People can follow your Instagram account to join the competition. If a non-follower wants to join your competition, you can ask them to follow your Instagram. 

Hosting photo competitions can get you more Instagram followers, increase traffic to your websites or blogs, and increase your engagement. In fact, you are more likely to get more UGC for your Instagram account. 

Use Your Digital Assets to Promote Your Instagram Account 

It is beneficial to promote your Instagram account on your digital assets. Your Facebook followers and fans may use Instagram. They might not, however, follow your Instagram account because they do not know you are on Instagram. You can, therefore, use your website, Twitter and Facebook to promote your Instagram account. You can even make use of an Instagram likes app.

It is easy to share your Instagram posts on multiple social media platforms, such as Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook. According to statistics from Buzzsumo, the engagement of posts posted to Facebook through Instagram is 23% higher than the engagement of natively published posts on Facebook. 

Do not, however, just share your photos on other social media platforms. It is even better to embed your Instagram feed in your website and Facebook Page. 

Be Social

People use social media to build relationships. That is why they are called social media sites. Therefore, you need to build relationships with your Instagram followers. You can view their Instagram posts and even leave comments on their posts. If you interact with your followers, they can share your posts.  It is, therefore, beneficial for any business to use Instagram promotion for marketing.

You can also interact with users in your target niche. Like and comment on their Instagram posts. They can read your comments and follow your Instagram account.


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