Shooting baskets in the driveway is one of the most popular and fun ways of spending time with friends and family. Even as children, your parents may have invested in basketball courts for you, where you spent hours and hours improving your shots. Today, as a homeowner, you may want to add a basketball system to your home to improve its value. However, you must know what to look for when investing in a basketball hoop. Below are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing an in-ground basketball hoop:

Amount of Space Outside Your Home

A basketball hoop requires at least a space as large as a two-car driveway. You need a paved surface of about 20 feet to install the hoop with an adequate overhang. This way, you will not be running and bumping into the pole and will have enough room for a regulation foul shot of 15ft. If you have little space, you can move the pole near the backboard and get padding to avoid injuries. For extra safety, you should invest in polymeric rubber, to ensure that you and your family stay safe while enjoying the basketball rim and making the most of small spaces.

Size, Material, and Shape of the Backboard

Getting the appropriate backboard is critical to having a robust basketball hoop. Backboard sizes range between 44″ and 75″. You can choose a 54″ backboard if your driveway is one-car. You can consider a 60″ or 72″ backboard if you have more space. 

Another thing to watch out for is narrow vertical brackets. Some hoops come with narrow brackets attached to the backboard. These brackets can impact stability and increase backboard shake. 

The material of the backboard will also impact the bounce of the ball and the hoop’s overall durability. Usually, players prefer tempered glass for the backboard. It gives you the right spin and bounce. And since it is shatterproof, you won’t have to worry about safety as well. 

The Pole

The pole is a critical aspect of any basketball system. Some systems come with two or three-piece poles. However, experts recommend having a one-piece pole as it is less likely to be affected by corrosion and rust and significantly reduces shaking and vibration. From a size point of view, a 4″-6″ diameter pole will give you great stability and performance. In addition, you can opt for the seven-gauge thickness on the pole. It is almost one and a half times thicker than the 11 gauge, commonly found in in-ground poles. Finally, ensure your pole has a powder coating finish, as it will protect your basketball system better against peeling, rust, and chipping.


Your basketball system’s rim takes the most impact from the game. This includes dunks and shots as well. Buy a rim that can handle your backyard dunk competitions. If you and your friends are going to have dunking matches, then a breakaway rim is the ideal choice for your system. The spring in the rim will absorb the shock. It will also increase the rim’s longevity and durability.


Most people don’t think long-term when investing in a basketball system and in-ground hoop. If you are investing in an in-ground hoop for your child, consider buying one that can be adjusted as your child grows. The standard ball is very heavy for your child. They may use lighter balls and shorter hoops when playing. Investing in an adjustable hoop will serve two purposes. It will allow your child to develop the game on rim heights ideal for their age and will also make playing at home fun. Pick a system with a regulation height ranging from 10′ to 6′ to allow younger players to try shots as well. However, you must take care when you lower the hoop, as the lower hoop could be hazardous for people and vehicles using your driveway. 


Another thing to remember when investing in a basketball hoop and system is that it should be flexible. You must be able to move the system or remove it easily, in case you need to. Most basketball systems use a J-bolt anchor to fix the pole to the ground permanently. However, it would be better if you get a hinged system that is easy to install for your home. This system will go deeper into the ground and allow you to easily remove the hoop if and when you move. 

Installing a basketball hoop allows you or your children to practice your shots and helps you create memories. Visit Mega Slam Australia if you want to know more about basketball hoops. They offer basketball systems and related accessories and can also help with installations.


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