You’ve probably heard countless recommendations on how to start reading manga. The best way to read manga is different for everyone. For some people, it’s easy and straightforward. For others, it can be hard and dry. In any case, following a strict schedule isn’t going to result in easy reading for everyone. That’s why you need to read manga on your own. You can learn about other people’s experiences, explore new genres, and find your own way to read manga. And this guide has some helpful tips on how you should start reading manga and save your money.

Read manga in your free time

Many people prefer reading chapters or volumes of manga in their free time. They probably have a spare hour or two each day to read some manga. If you find yourself struggling to sleep at night, try reading only a few pages of your favorite manga before you sleep. It’ll help you relax and sleep better at night. You’ll probably have a much better time reading manga while you’re doing this. But if you’re struggling reading at night, try reading manga every lunch break. It will help you feel calmer at your workplace.

Don’t pressure yourself

One of the best things about reading manga is that it makes you forget about the problems and issue you have in life. You’ll be so happy when you’re reading a few pages of your favorite characters every day especially if it’s an action-romance story. No one will ever talk about what happened in your life that you can’t relate to. Plain contemporary fiction will probably be easier for you to read. Although you might not have much patience for the redundancy in this kind of reading.

Find a good manga reading site

You’ll find many interesting Japanese comics on a manga reading platform. Nowadays, many people prefer reading online that going to a bookstore since it is much more convenient and sometimes they can find freeware manga reading platforms. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable freeware reading manga site, visit Mangago. The site doesn’t require readers to log in and share their personal details nor to subscribe and pay a handful amount of money. In mangago, users can search directly on the quick-search bar or explore the millions of manga pages it has. It also different genres of manga such as romance, comedy, action, drama, suspense, mystery, and fantasy. Though if you’re still not sure if the Japanese comics are a good read or not, you can check out the reviews. So don’t forget to check comments every time you read.

Try your hand at reading manga

Manga is text-based literature. You’ll probably have lots of difficulties reading graphic novels because they’re usually written in the characters’ languages. So, you’ll have to read the same characters’ texts to understand what happens in the texts.  It’s also very important to learn how to read manga properly. The proper way to read manga is starting from the top-right to the left-bottom so make sure to remember it. Most manga reading platforms such as Mangago, Mangaowl, Mangakakalot, ReadingManga, and Mangafreak have an English section where the manga is already been translated into English and you don’t have to learn Japanese in order to read. You can also try out reading manga books in your own language. If you’re interested in reading more than just the main characters, try reading fan fiction. You can find many interesting genres, characters, plots, and stories in these kinds of fare.

Don’t overindulge with your reading

It’s important to remember that reading is not an addiction. It’s not even a hobby. It’s something you have to do for your life. But when you’re reading manga every day for the whole day, that is not healthy anymore. It’s important to watch your reading habits since they can have an impact on your diet. Your reading may make you obese or even affect your health. It’s important to be careful with your choices when reading. You don’t want to come home one day with a bag of chocolates and junk foods stuffed in your stomach.

Choose a manga that’s easy for you

There are plenty of easy manga books to read on your own. You only need to know how to read and what kind of book to read. The best way to find these books is to look online and visit sites like Mangago, Mangaowl, Mangakakalot, ReadingManga, and Mangafreak. You can start by looking at the new releases, hit vol of the year, and bestsellers categories, where you can find many great options. For more hard-boiled crime graphic novels, there are many manga options you can search for.

Go to the store for your favorite manga

Similar to how you choose which books to deviate from your normal reading schedule, you can also go to the store for your favorite manga. If you don’t have a chance to pick up a manga book at the library, we’d recommend you read manga on Mangago. They have everything you need to read your favorite manga, as well as many other titles.

Learn about the medium you’re reading

You already know that reading is a ritual and that it requires a lot of concentration. That also applies to the medium you’re reading: if you choose to read fantasy, you’ll probably feel a sense of relief because there are no normal characters to worry about. If you choose to read these Japanese comics, the same thing will apply, although there’s a smaller chance of worry. It’s because manga represents a real-life issue and is heavily influenced by the rich culture and tradition in Japan.

Find a readers club that supports your interests

If you’re looking for something that specializes in a certain type of manga books, such as children’s manga recommendations or a suggested manga reading list for different subjects, you can always ask community forums for manga avid readers.


The best way to start reading manga is to choose one series that you’re interested in and see what happens. After that, you can read more manga books on different subjects to get a better idea of what genre of manga book you’ll love. It’s that simple. So make sure to explore and have fun reading!


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