wear your Apple Watch

Owning an Apple watch is a grand experience. It is a highly productive tool. If worn correctly, it can be even better.

Wearing an Apple smartwatch in a particular way has an impact on its performance. Therefore, it is important to wear a smartwatch in the right manner. With new premium models, you need more accuracy due to sensors and technologies.

Apple smartwatch has the first-mover advantage in the market. It is one of the biggest selling premium watches under the brand. Over time, it has modified its watches in terms of style, design, and specifications. You will see premium apple watch straps under different labels on the official Apple website.

Apple watches have accelerated iPhone sales indirectly. Over the years the company has collaborated with exclusive brands like Hermes, Nike, etc, to provide high-end customers with luxe. Clients can now customize their Apple watches too. Isn’t that great!

It is the best way to wear an Apple watch. Stay tuned!

Stop Activating Siri:

It is the most irritating thing that we encountered with many iWatch users. Apple’s digital crown gets triggered by the back of hands, and it accidentally activates Siri. Especially if your wrists are bigger, it happens more often.

To stop this, you can disable the digital crown to summon Siri. Like me, if you are not interested in completely removing the Siri feature, you can relocate it to a safer place, so it does not get squished through hands.

Volume Controller:

Another issue that arose while using the smartwatch was the volume controls triggering. Listening to any song, the volume goes up or down. Sometimes, the mute button is pressed accidentally.

In the opposite direction, the digital crown stays untouched. You can adjust the volume as you need it instantly. It is even handier and easier to access.

Accessing Thumbs:

Honestly, thumb swiping sucks. The digital crown is useful, but swiping is not a good idea. Customize it at the lower side position and feel the difference and comfort while using the watch. Now your fingers are more relaxed than before. You can do it whenever needed.

Time For Change:

If you want to change the default watch look, it is pretty simple. All thanks to the Apple watch orientation.

Go to General> Watch Orientation> Digital Crown> Left Side.

If you are wearing a watch on your left hand. Fr right, you can switch the mode.

Switch Watch Bands:

We all want to change the smartwatch look to match our outfits. It is easy to change watch straps. Just press the small release button on the back of the watch, placing it down on the table on a microfiber cloth to avoid any scratches. Now turn it upside down and reattach the straps. Bingo!

You can buy Apple smartwatch straps online from the official website.

Even you can go for third-party websites. However, they are a small scale business but, they offer you the latest and good quality products.

What to do when the Apple Watch doesn’t fit well?

Apple watches are worth the price. They are beautiful pieces of jewelry for your hands. The straps can be customized according to personal preference. Make your smartwatch with a variety of picks. Stand out from the crowd.

With many designs and the latest specs, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch in the world. Ensuring an Apple watch best fit is a little harder but not impossible. Many watch straps come with adjustable bands, but sometimes it does not result in sung with a comfy fit.

If you are experiencing this issue go for Apple Solo Loop Bands. They do not have buckles or clasps. Rather, they’re made of stretchable liquid silicone rubber that creates a perfect fit for all wrist sizes. If you do not like rubber versions, go for braided or sport loop that incorporates similar technology with yarn or nylon.

Apple concentrates on well-fitted watches that count performance and tracking. But also emphasize comfortability. Wearing too-tight bands or too loose causes skin irritation and interrupts blood flow. Wearing an Apple watch is all about style, comfort, and technology. So keep that in mind. For any queries, write to us in the comment box below.


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