Hybrid vs volume lashes:
Hybrid vs volume lashes:

Evaluating one type of eyelash extension as more profitable than another will need to be based on many elements such as client needs, salon location, technician’s skill, etc. Currently, hybrid vs volume lashes is the most popular question, which helps the shop owner earn more. Despite the difference in profits, these are still eyelash extensions that must be on your list of services.

Hybrid vs volume lashes: which ones help you earn more?

Hybrid vs volume lashes are two types available at any eyelash extension store. The reason is simple:

  • They are popular and suitable for many types of clients.
  • The effects are quite natural.
  • The cost is also within the spending ability of many clients.

However, it isn’t easy to assess which type of eyelash extensions brings more profit to the shop owner, so we have to consider many aspects. The nature of both has similarities and differences, and the application is not much different. Therefore, consider the factors carefully when evaluating.

Price of hybrid vs volume lashes:

This is the data we refer to from many eyelash extensions stores and product price information pages. In fact, it may vary from area to area.

About Hybrid lashes: A mixed eyelash extension that takes advantage of both classic and volume in the same eyelash shape. Clients like this type as it is quite flexible, overcoming the flaws of real eyelashes but keeping the natural look. In addition, the lashes will be longer, curlier, and more attractive, thanks to the lash fans with highlights. Currently, a set of hybrid lashes costs from US 190 to USD 210 depending on the quality of the lashes and the technician’s skill. If the client returns to have a refill after 3 to 4 weeks, you might gain 100% the same as the full set.

About volume lashes: A type of eyelash extension familiar to everyone. It effectively fills the gaps of sparse eyelashes, helping short and thin lashes become more vibrant and look more impressive. Clients of this type are of different ages, but most want to express their personalities and like to experience new things. The material used for this type must be super smooth, super light lashes, lash fans from 2 to 6 fibers on 1 natural eyelash, corresponding to the specs of 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, etc. According to the survey, the current price of volume lashes is from USD 230 to USD 250. At each level of lash fan, the price of the set of lashes increases from USD 20 to USD 30. Similar to hybrid, clients who use volume lashes also need to return to the salon to take care of their lash set after extension; this cost will be up to 100% compared to a new set of lashes.

So hybrid vs volume lashes, which ones help you earn more?

This answer is based not only on the cost of each product but also on other factors.

What style you choose: This affects the price of the lashes and their profit percentage. The style will be decided by the client and in line with current trends.

Application time: Hybrid vs volume lashes have almost the same performance time, ranging from 1.45 hours to 2 hours. It takes such a long time since both need a careful assessment of natural eyelashes, advice and choosing the right style. Particularly with hybrids, it will take you a little more time to divide the ratio of classic and volume.

Materials and tools: This is the deciding factor for more than 50% of the price and profit of your services. Using cheap eyelash materials can help you optimize costs and have a high profit, but surely your product cannot be perfect, especially hybrid vs volume lashes.

As mentioned, hybrid vs volume lashes require ultra-light, smooth material and the same colour as natural lashes. Therefore, big salons always prioritize using synthetic mink or silk eyelashes even though the cost is higher than synthetic lashes. In addition, for hybrids, you need to choose the right type of eyelashes for classic and volume extension.

Besides, professional eyelash extension tools such as anti-static tweezers, seasonal glue, collagen eye pads, etc., are products you should invest in. Despite costing a little more, it makes a difference compared to stores with the same price as you.

Extension technique: hybrid vs volume lashes are two types of extensions that require high technical skills. If you are a professional, you can increase the price a little to make more profit. On the contrary, if you are a new technician, take advantage of your ability to have a more competitive price.

As such, the question between hybrid vs volume lashes, which type of eyelash extension makes more money depends on many factors. We believe that each lash type has its strengths, weaknesses, and the value it brings to you. Practice them well and regularly update your knowledge, improve your skills and grasp client requirements, the profit will increase.

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