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Sapo: Enjoying a Honeymoon in Vietnam is one of the best experiences for all couples. There are lots of amazing places to visit in Vietnam varying from green mountainous to tropical coast with endless sandy beaches & islands. Let’s take a look at the top most worth-visiting destinations for a honeymoon in Vietnam below. 

The better the living standard becomes, the more young adults pay attention to their mental life and the honeymoon is a special occasion that needs to be carefully planned. If you are looking for an ideal place where you two can spend the most wonderful time of your marriage in, why not travel to Vietnam, a tropical-climate country with a myriad of destinations featuring beautiful and romantic scenery which is pretty suitable for a trip of love. Let Vietnamtrips.com name out some places that make your honeymoon in Vietnam an incredibly amazing & rich experience. 

Da Lat City 

“Dreamy Da Lat”, “City of Love”… are nicknames attached to Da Lat. So, there is no surprise about why it is the first place crossing the mind of newlyweds when having plans for their honeymoon in Vietnam. The fresh, cool air filled with the scent of wild sunflowers – the flower appeared in the legend of the profound love of K’lang and H’lim will make your honeymoon more meaningful. Those who have been in Da Lat once or known this place via images on social media may get aware of the fact that it features many dreamy pine forests which is often blanketed by a thick bank of fog every early morning. Therefore, the recommended accomodation is one of the secluded homestays perching on the slope of these forests where you just open the window to contemplate the romantic atmosphere or hand in hand with your soul mate and take a walk together. The best time to come to Da Lat is from September to November every year, when hundreds of flowers are blooming and the cold weather in winter creates a romantic and warm space for couples.

Sapa Town – a great hill-centered spot to travel on a honeymoon in Vietnam

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Sapa is beautiful all year round. Hidden in the clouds, it features both majestic and poetic scenery. Coming to Sapa Vietnam, not only can the young couple enjoy the fresh air of a land in the Northwest, but they can also visit ancient French villas, admire the 100m high Silver Waterfall, understand more about the life of the local H’Mong people in Cat Cat village, participate in the love market on every Saturday or climb to Cong Troi (Heaven Gate Sapa) to captures pictures of Sapa town engulfed in mist. Remember that Sapa town is in close proximity to Fansipan peak, the rooftop of Indochina. Therefore, once you and your Mr./Mrs.Right would like to have a honeymoon in Vietnam northern’s region, don’t miss the chance to prove your burning love by conquering this mountain together. Homestays as well as hotels here are designed in a romantic style which is very suitable for newly wedded couples. Both classic and romantic cafes will be the right place for the couple to have passionate moments. 

Nha Trang City 

Nha Trang is famous for its blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine etc. The place is always in the top choice of the bride and groom when wanting to enjoy their honeymoon. Nha Trang is not as poetic as Da Lat, but it gives lovers an airy space, a peaceful moment with the sweetheart. Coming to Nha Trang, you can freely roam the white sands with your partner, immerse yourself in hot mineral springs, bathe in a mud pool or have a massage under a thousand rays of water faucet.

Your honeymoon in Vietnam will be sweeter and more memorable when the both of you go to the “tropical paradise garden” in Vinpearl Land or spend all day playing hundreds of games on the island. After having fun, you and your partner can hand in hand explore the exciting water world at Tri Nguyen Aquarium, breathe the cool air at Ta Gu waterfalls, Yang Bay waterfalls, or go diving under the sea to contemplate the beautiful ocean here…

Mui Ne Beach City

Located about 200 km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City, this is an ideal honeymoon destination in the Central part of Vietnam. Although the resorts along the beaches prosperously develop, in general, the nature and life of the people here hardly change. With long, pristine and very quiet beaches, Mui Ne will definitely bring to your honeymoon moments of privacy and romance. Don’t miss the opportunity to swim, sunbathe, cycle along the coast with the other half of your life, enjoy romantic moments in resorts with sea view bedrooms under the dim light of candles, in the lingering scent of fresh flowers and wine. In particular, experiencing the excitement of playing sandboarding in Red Sand Dunes or Bau Trang Sand Dunes with your loved one will be one of the highlights of your journey.

Ninh Thuan Province – an unspoiled place to visit on your honeymoon in Vietnam

The sunny and windy land of Ninh Thuan is a suitable honeymoon destination for couples who love adventure, exploring unspoiled and idyllic nature. Ninh Thuan is famous for Hang Rai beach where the waves crash into the rocky mountains and white foam. The natural scenery here is likened to a picture of unspoiled contemplation mixed with a bit of mystery by the coral reefs with strange shapes, giant stones covered with mossy colors of time. The sandy and rocky soil of Ninh Thuan is amazingly favorable for planting grapes and herding sheeps. Vast grape gardens and sheep pastures are wonderful destinations for lovebirds to check-in or enjoy sweet moments. 

Honeymoon days will most likely be the happiest time of your married life. Because, experiencing anything for the first time is the most interesting and memorable. Let’s research carefully and find a destination that suits your own conditions to have the most romantic honeymoon in Vietnam.


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