Instagram Vs. YouTube
Instagram Vs. YouTube: Which Promotes Better Marketing?

Want to know which social media promotes better for your influencer marketing? If yes, read this article to understand the differences between Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing. Meantime, marketers may find it hard to pick between Instagram and YouTube. For this, Instagram serves as the right platform choice for business marketers. If you are one of those marketers, then create engaging Instagram videos. Besides, you can improve your Instagram profile visits when you select to buy instagram reels views that enhance organic growth by expanding your followers. 

Fun Fact: Based on reports, marketers plan to improve Instagram influencer marketing. 

Instagram seems to be a popular influencer marketing platform because of its strength. But, it also has a lot to offer through business influencer marketing. Further, YouTube videos have an engagement rate higher than Instagram influencer marketing content. This post will walk you through social media influencer marketing with Instagram Vs. YouTube. By the end, after reading this article, I’m pretty sure you can be in a position to pick the right social media platform. Last, try to improve your influencer marketing for your business. 

So, let us kickstart right now!

Detailed Key Statistics: Instagram Vs. YouTube

Before we get into the comparison, let us first compare a few statistics for both platforms. These are a few statistics for influencer marketing on every social media platform. Are you ready to get started right now? If so! Here you go!


  • The number of Instagram users reaches over one billion people. 
  • The Average number of Instagram likes from influencer accounts is 1542.


  • The total number of users reaches over two billion people. 
  • The average engagement rate is around 18%. 
  • The average number of video views for influencer videos is 24,343. 

How Do Statistics Between Instagram & YouTube Make A Difference? 

At first, YouTube not only works as an effective search engine but also drives higher engagement rates. It associates with the fact that social media only supports video marketing. So, it is perfect for engagement content. Suppose video marketing is not your strength or when you need to try different content types. Instagram seems to be the right choice for your influencer marketing methods. In general, video marketing on Instagram results in a winner. Above all, you can even use Instagram marketing methods to drive engagement. With this, try to buy instagram reels likes that elevate your profile visibility.

How To Pick The Right Platform For Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns? 

Suppose you select a platform for your marketing; you should consider the 3-R’s of influence. These are below for your reference. 

Resonance – The potential engagement for an influencer can generate from an audience that is relevant and helpful to your business. So, calculate using video likes and comments from an influencer’s social media post. 

Relevance – How many potential customers can reach on social media platforms. You can check this by checking which social media platforms the influencers in your niche use more. 

Reach – The number of people or users you can reach by the influencer’s content on the social media platforms. By getting the follower counts of influencers, you plan to work. 

Now, let us consider everything between YouTube and Instagram on these marketing parameters and look at how they work. 

What Makes YouTube Perfect For Influencer Marketing? 

YouTube can assist you in reaching about two million users. The videos serve as an ideal social media platform for those curious about beauty, fitness, food, travel, and other industries. These niches continue to gain popularity every day since the exciting search engine platform for high-quality content. It is engaging, search-friendly, and has a long lifespan. Hence, sponsored YouTube videos can do wonders for your brands. 

These YouTube videos will cost you more than generating content for social media platforms like Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories. Yet, Snapchat and Instagram Stories are short even though the content creation is more affordable than YouTube. 

How Instagram Works Perfect For Influencer Marketing? 

Sponsored videos on YouTube serve better than every other social media platform. Yet, working with influencer marketing on Instagram helps better. Instagram Stories and Live videos are an ideal way for consumers who don’t have the time to watch long videos. Around one billion users are active on Instagram every month. Hence, Instagram as a social media platform is profitable for influencer marketing and business marketing. Every brand can gain leads and customers if the content is appropriate visual content. Also, it helps enhance the number of followers and engagement of an influencer. 

After the launch of Instagram Highlights and IGTV features, the platform further increased the grabbing of audiences with influencer marketing platforms. Highlights let influencers and marketers keep a few of their featured Stories. Besides, it has made posting video content on Instagram more stable. The IGTV launch offers long-format video content letting it compete with YouTube. Instagram is an ideal influencer marketing platform where marketers and influencers. It has got three different methods of posting video content on Instagram. IGTV, Stories, and Reels! You can use a free instagram reels views trial to advance your reach.

Wrapping Up!

To sum up the article, I’d say that a cross-platform strategy will be the right choice for influencer marketing methods. So, try to use both Instagram and YouTube as it serves as an ideal option. YouTube videos let you share information with your audiences with a longer lifespan. In contrast, Instagram content shares limited info. Yet, Instagram can assist you in reaching appropriate audiences in a short and quick phase. So, be sure that these social media channels can assist you in achieving the targets you have in mind. 


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