The idea of graduating debt-free from a medical school is beyond one’s imagination due to the hefty fees. Prospective medical students resort to student loans to take up medicine as their future career. However, graduates leave medical schools with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the median debt burden for the class of 2021 was USD 200,000 across the nation. 

As paying for medical education is challenging with or without the assistance of student loan financing, scholarships and grants are the finest financial aid options since they do not require repayment with huge interest like student loans. Several government departments and private organizations offer medical scholarships for prospective medical students. The primary motive behind these financial aids is to make medical education affordable and accessible for aspirants and retain the best minds for the program. 

Medical school scholarships

Many medical schools offer full scholarships to medical students who promise and have the potential to become primary care doctors. Full scholarships, also known as full-ride scholarships, cover almost every expense related to pursuing four years of medical university. It usually covers tuition and living costs so that matriculants can focus on their studies without taking stress about money.

Unfortunately, full scholarships are rare and highly competitive. You can check out top Caribbean medical schools for full scholarship programs. Scholarship in MUA provides financial aid to prospective medical students who need help with pursuing an MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. Read on to discover the benefits matriculants get in MUA via scholarships and how to enhance your chances of being awarded these prestigious scholarships.

MUA scholarships

Medical University of the Americas (MUA) provides two scholarships to help matriculants pursue medicine: the Canadian Loyalty Scholarship and the Canadian Merit Scholarship. All candidates can apply for both scholarship programs. Applicants can directly visit the official website of MUA online and can apply for both scholarships.

1. Canadian Loyalty Scholarship

All Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for the Canadian Loyalty Scholarship. Applicants must provide the pre-requisite admission requirements, such as undergraduate or graduate transcripts and work history. This scholarship grants qualified students up to USD 45,000 over ten semesters. A candidate must remain good in academics and progress promptly toward completing Basic Sciences after matriculation.

2. Canadian Merit Scholarship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents accepted into MUA can apply for the Canadian Merit Scholarship. The academic criteria to qualify for this scholarship are based on many criteria, such as MCAT, undergraduate GPA, and recommendations. This scholarship grants a maximum of USD 55,000 over ten semesters. The screening and calculation of a GPA will take place when applicants submit all transcripts to the university. A candidate must remain good in academics and progress promptly toward completing Basic Sciences after matriculation.

Prepare in advance and work hard on making yourself stand out from other applicants. Explore the official website of MUA and enroll in the course now!


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