Jade Buddha Pendant

Buddhism is Chinese faith. Advises of Buddha define different facets of life in a very prideful way. People love to wear Buddha notch jewelry. People are purchasing jade and they are buying it because they think that it is a sign of good luck. Jade means blessings. Most people prefer jade Buddha jewelry. In Chinese Jade is known as the sign of goodness, good luck, and excellence. Jade has a deep relationship with Buddhism faith. In the Chinese faith, jade stone is like an example of Confucian ethics fortitude, equity, sympathy, humility, and knowledge. Jade is known as the mascot of evil spirits from primitive ages. In this article, you will know about the meanings and beliefs of jade buddha pendant and also you will know the best online site from where you can get the best quality jade pendant. SO let’s get started, fellas!

Jade is Spiritual

If once a human wear jade Buddha then he/she will not very easily take them off. Because people believe jade is attached to their spirit. If they wear Jade Buddha they think that Buddha is always with them and shower his blessings upon them.

Jade Buddha Pendant Meanings

Wearing Jade Buddha Pendant means that it brings happiness and positivity to you. If we see the primitive culture and teaching of Buddhism then we can see those people think that our environment is filled with the deep energy and with our human eyes we can’t see that energy. Their belief was if you want to connect your mind, soul, and body with this divine energy then you should wear a Buddha pendant.

Different Posture of Buddha Pendants

Buddha pendants are not only famous in Chinese culture these pendants are also worn by the non followers of Buddhism. Lion’s share pendants shows the notch of nature and you get vary images with vary postures of Buddha and every posture has different meaning.

Jade Buddha Pendant Healing Power

Mostly Buddha pendants are made of very good quality of metals and Jade is well known for its durability. Buddha Pendant is well known for its healing power and the Buddhist faith is that it purifies the soul and also protects soul from negative spirits.

Laugh Jade Buddha Pendant Meaning

Buddhists believe if the children wear the laugh Buddha neck pendant then this pendant brings them happiness, a good future and it also takes off the evil eyes from kids. Buddha pendant protects the children from bad incidents and takes them to the success of their lives. Laughing Buddha means open-minded and cheerful. Mostly this laughing pendant is worn by the children. If children wear laughing Buddha pendant in Buddhism those children will live their lives very smoothly.  

Best Jade Buddha Pendant Provider Site

Alibaba.com is an online site where you can get various types of Jade Buddha Pendants in various styles and also get Buddha Pendants in various postures images of Buddha and every pendant has its own unique meaning. Few Jade Pendants are as follow;

  • Natural Jade Green Pink Maitreya Buddha Pendant
  • Jade Buddha Solid Gold latter Pendant
  • Stainless Steel Green Jade Red Purple Agate Laughing Buddha Pendant
  • Carved Charm Jade Buddha Natural Agate Stone Pendant
  • Natural Jade Buddha Gold Plated Crystal Pendants
  • Natural Green Jade Buddha Pendant
  • Iced out Men’s Jade Gold Plated Lab Diamond Hip Hop Green Buddha Pendant
  • Jade Stone Buddha 18K Jewelry High Pendant
  • Multiple Colors Buddha Jade Pendants
  • Crystal Edge Agate Jade Maitreya Buddha Pendant

These all were just a few jade pendants of Buddha. Alibaba.com has your eye catch designs of Buddha pendants. If you want to buy the Jade pendants of Buddha then just trust Alibaba.com and get your lucky Buddha pendant that is made of high quality and these pendants will stay a longer time with you.


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