It was the loss of a revered nurse union steward, as well as an amazing grandmother and mother on January 16. Kimberly “Kym” Cox of Davison, MI has sadly died in the age 50. Read on for more information on her.

Who was Kimberly Cox?

Kimberly Cox, affectionately known as “Kim,” was an outstanding figure in her community. She is remembered by loved ones for being a loyal nurse and a strong union Steward. Born on the 26th of August 1972, in Flint, Michigan, she lived a life filled with accomplishment and family. Her parents were Kathleen Humphries and Edward Doyle and the mother of Gabrielle “Bell” as well as Blaine and the grandma of Curtis and Brian Cox, who was the ex-wife of Brian Cox, and had five wonderful cousins. Through her entire career as an emergency nursing assistant for the Ascension Genesys Hospital, she was above and beyond the service she rendered to others by her expertise in nursing and commitment for union advocacy and representation for her colleagues as well as other nurses.

A Life Of Dedication To Nursing

Kim is an intensive care nursing assistant at Ascension Genesys Hospital where she worked for over 20 years. She was also active as the chief union steward, and a part of the State Board of Nursing. Kim has dedicated her whole life in whatever way she could. This included giving medical attention or listening to others. Her dedication to nursing was recognized with numerous distinctions throughout her career, including an award called the Daisy Award for Nurses which honors nurses who show exceptional compassion for patients and their families every day. Kim would always go over for people in need. She was completely selfless.

An Incredible Mother & Grandmother
Alongside being a dedicated nurses and union-steward Kim was also devoted to being a wonderful grandma and mother. She loved being with her kids (daughter Gabrielle “Bell” & son Blaine) and her dear grandchild Curtis. She enjoyed watching Curtis play baseball in the little league and would support him from the stands while Curtis played games every week. She also enjoyed baking cookies with him on every Sunday afternoon. It was a tradition that would be greatly missed by all who knew them.

What caused Kimberly Cox die? What caused her death?

We offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Kimberly “Kym” Cox. She died on Monday January 16, at the age of 50 . of age. In her time, she was a top nurse, as well as an active union Steward. What could have led to her death is not known as no formal statement has been made public from her relatives. In these times of uncertainty that we must be optimistic and be grateful for what remains within our own lives. Our thoughts are with them through these times of struggle.

Kimberly Cox Obituary

Kimberly “Kym” Cox will always be remembered for the many lives she touched as a nurse and union steward, as well as personally, through her selfless acts as a grandmother and mother. Her legacy will be remembered by those who cherish her and who will find comfort by knowing Kym is now united with the people who passed before us, but who will never be forgotten. Be at peace Kym and you will be deeply missed by all those whose lives you touched in your brief time here on earth.


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